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CAO Italia Reviews

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CAO Italia Novella
"Prefer the toro"
I love this blend, but not this size. I bought a couple of 5-packs of these last year, and they consistently are an uneven burn. I prefer the toro, in which the burn is very even and the flavors come out better.
Ed in NorCal April 12, 2009
CAO Italia Piazza
One of my all time favorites. Outstanding draw!
Eddie in Orlando, FL March 9, 2009
CAO Italia Ciao
"Nearly Perfect"
I had a few of these left in my humidor box and was making a trip home to spend a few days with my old man. We burned them on the back porch and the weather was nice and cooperative at around a mellow 60 degrees. These sticks smelled amazing when first lit and tasted even better. I smoked my down to the nub, and then something unexpected happened; when I stood up, I had the spins. This cigar basically kicked my ass with a wallop of a nicotine buzz. My only complaint was that despite my best efforts, it went out twice on me and had to be lit again. Other than that, it was the perfect cigar.
John in State College, PA March 9, 2009
CAO Italia Ciao
"Have Had Better From CAO"
CAO is my 2nd fav brand. However this Itaila might make me reconsider. The appearance is awesome, draw is OK, construction good, but the taste leaves something to be desired. This is my 3rd try at this, so there are my 2 cents. I would buy again though at a great price
Darryl in California February 15, 2009
CAO Italia Ciao
"Agreed - Italians should stick to wine making"
I agree with another comment - Italians should stick to wine making. CAO makes many excellent cigars and would have my vote as the best overall maker - this is the only one I would not recommend to friends. If you are looking for spice, shop for a good Thai restaurant.
Mad Duro in Grand Blanc MI January 31, 2009
CAO Italia Piccolos (5)
"Italians make wine not cigars"
Won a 5-pack on the auction site. Nothing to write home about ... bitter & bland.
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC December 11, 2008
CAO Italia Ciao
"Multo bene!"
The Brazilia was my favorite CAO until I tried this one. Excellent smoke!
Geoff in TN December 2, 2008
CAO Italia Ciao
"Hate to say...not on my Top 5 List of CAO Cigars"
Expection, high...Results, low. A little harsher taste than I expected. I love the Brazilia, which is a fuller flavored cigar. So I was surprised the Italia actually was not as smooth. As with the Brazilia, it is also a long smoke, which is nice unless you are short on time.
Henry in Oak Forest August 18, 2008
CAO Italia Gondola
"1 of my favorites"
Great cigar while golfing that everyone should try. I like a medium smoke on the course and this 1 does everything it's supposed to do.
Bob in Cleveland July 31, 2008
CAO Italia Piccolos (5)
"Bite in the back of the throat"
Bought a tin of these based purely on other reviews, thanks chaps. Overall a decent little cigar but I found they left a harsh bite in the back of my throat that I wasn't keen on. I normally smoke Punch champions, if that helps you decide whether these are for you.
Cider glider in Wales July 25, 2008
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