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CAO Italia Gondola Reviews [view details]

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"The Italia will always have a place in my humidor"
With a beautiful band and gorgeous oily wrapper the Italia always proves its versatility. While on its own it is a nice med-full bodied smoke, it seems to be lacking something. Pair this with a good lager, single malt, or cup of coffee it really shines. The Italia has a smooth, rich, leathery smelling smoke with a slight apple finish. I've had some burn problems with these. They probably need to age more, but they never seem to last in the humi. My favorite of the CAOs.
John in Columbia SC April 7, 2011
"The Italian Stallion"
Truly the best experience of an affordable smoke I have had. It has left me commenting every time I bite into this full bodied beauty. A distinguished flavor like all of the quality cigars CAO rolls but clearly the most balanced. Like every great cigar the flavor matures as you smoke and has left me burning my fingers on every time I partake.
Smokey The Bear in N. Ft. Myers December 20, 2009
"1 of my favorites"
Great cigar while golfing that everyone should try. I like a medium smoke on the course and this 1 does everything it's supposed to do.
Bob in Cleveland July 31, 2008
"Earthy and tasty!"
MMMMM. Good. I smoked it outside and the earhty taste made me think of summer.
Yoop in Oklahoma May 1, 2008
"this is one mighty fine cigar."
cao cigars are a real gem.
barry in westchester April 26, 2008
"oh so good"
cao is in the top 5 of great smoking cigars
barry in westchester il. March 27, 2008
"CAO Always Delivers"
This is another great cigar from CAO. Complex flavors and terrific construction, burn, and draw. I recommend this one as an after dinner cigar with a nice glass of scotch or Grand Marnier. It is a little spicy with some of those intoxicating flavors that are hard to put your finger on. Some call them leather, or spice, or coffee, or even cocoa. Either way, take an hour to pour yourself a drink, sit back, and take a trip back to the Old World with this truly classic cigar.
Jason in Louisiana July 20, 2006
"Move over Brazilia!"
The first one of these smoked was a major disappointment. It completely fell apart after being a teribble side burner and wrapper shredder. This was due to poor storage where I bought it out of town. ( Two lessions learned, stick to Famous, and carry what you want when traveling.) Have smoked two others received as presents since, and they were pure heaven. Prior to this my all time favorite was CAO Brazilia. This tops those easily, and that takes some doing. MOVE OVER BRAZILIA!
Randy in Mukwonago, WI July 10, 2006
"Outstanding cigar"
If you enjoy a cigar that is rich, full bodied and pleasing, this is for you. Amateurs need not apply. In my 38 years of cigar smoking, this cigar and a good single malt scotch is like taking a mini vacation. I love this CAO Italia!
Lance N. in Minneapolis May 20, 2006
"Very Impressive...CAO always impresses"
I have been a long time fan of CAO, frankly CAO is my favorite smoke, from the ultra smooth and always well constructed Gold line, to the powerful and complex Brazilia line, they have never let me down, always offering me the perfect smoke for whatever mood or occasion. I am thrilled at the introduction of the new Italia line, it has quick become a staple in my humidor and one of my top 3 smokes. It has a taste like no other, bringing me back to the stories of the old time Italian cigars my Dad and his Dad used to smoke. I can "taste" the stories, and truly enjoy the Gondolas smoking them until my knuckles burn. Another A+ for CAO.
Mike Maniscalco in Northern New Jersey January 15, 2006
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10 Construction (91) 100
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