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CAO LX2 Reviews

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CAO Lx2 Gordo
Tried 11 cigars. 6 would not draw. Don't know how they earned a 90 rating but thanks to Renee at Famous, I will continue to order from them ... but not this one!
Dennis in McKinney, TX September 30, 2014
CAO Lx2 Lancero
"Only for ligero fans"
Guys, this cigar is great, but only if you like the strongest possible smoke. If you are not into ligero filler, you will find this stogie harsh. The other issue is humidor time. Thinner vitolas are drying quicker, than thicker ones. So lat them rest for a week or two to bring them to ~70 humidity, and enjoy it s strength.
Ruben in Yerevan, Armenia July 7, 2014
CAO Lx2 Beli
"Really cool cigar! :"
Really nice taste! Almost good as Mx2!
Vasil in CA June 2, 2014
CAO LX2 Toro
It s a really decent cigar!
Vasil in CA May 4, 2014
CAO LX2 Toro
"Waste of time and money"
This is my second review for the LX2. My first review was that these were a great cigar. So much so, that they ve been my favorite daily smoke for years. However, for the past 6 months and about 8 boxes , these cigars have been like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose! Then, on the rare occasion I get one with a decent, draw, NO SMOKE! All of the cigars I get from Famous are top quality, but I ll never buy another box of CAO cigars. If you want to try one, stop by, I have about 2 dozen cut but unsmokable cigars in my humidor. What a let down.
David in Fort Lauderdale February 11, 2014
CAO Lx2 Rob
"So So"
Smoked one and found a very dry wrapper. It cracked all the way up to the band. I had more flavor in the Cx2.
AL in San Antonio January 24, 2014
CAO Lx2 Rob
The flavor was fair, nutty nicaraguan, but a terrible draw. It did not present a good burn or ash. I'm a little surprised this scored a 92 on FS (as of Oct 2012).
john in Delaware October 20, 2012
CAO LX2 Toro
Nice burn, very good draw, amazing "3-part" cigar. I have had double ligero cigars before, but never one that had such an interesting mix of flavors. Staring with pepper, quickly mellows to a delicious blend of earthy spices. I am very impressed.
Andrew in New York City July 1, 2012
CAO Lx2 Beli
"Better than anticipated."
I read a lot about this stick(good and bad)so I picked up a beli from the local shop. It looked beautiful, nice wrapper and band. Nice and firm construction. The light up was smooth and it burned really well. Draw had some slight resistance, which I personally enjoy. I've read this stick burns out and is uneven. Ligero burns slower than other tobaccos so you have to take more puffs to keep it going. But my stick stayed lit, and stayed even. Nice long ash, kind of flaky though. It was really weird but didn't mind. Lots of woody notes, very strong cigar not for the faint of heart. Awesome complex flavors all the way through to the last finger burning puff. Will be buying more soon. I really enjoyed the beli vitola a lot.
Anthony in San Diego, California May 17, 2012
CAO Lx2 Bam
"spectacular value"
absolutely great value. great construction, lots of flavor, great draw. spicy woody notes with great finish. best under 5 cigar ever had.
craig j in seattle January 14, 2012
Amilcar Perez Castro
Iron Horse