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CAO LX2 Reviews

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CAO Lx2 Lancero
"Disappointing from start to finish"
My first bad experience with CAO. Sharp looking stick so I was looking forward to it but draw was hard throughout. Started tunneling an inch or so in. Ended up cutting off the first 3 inches and re-lighting and got a repeat. Flamed the wrapper to correct and it settled down. I got a few draws that suggested what CAO had in mind which was OK then it turned bitter and acrid. Gave up. They say not to judge a cigar until you've tried three but I've had too many really decent first smokes to chance anymore time and money on this one.
Gary in Reston, VA January 7, 2012
CAO Lx2 Rob
"would not stay lit"
Awesome flavor. Deep powerful smoke. Definitely not one to smoke while doing anything but sitting back and relaxing. But make sure you have a full lighter and possibly an extra tank near by. I had to relight this thing literally 8 times. For that reason alone I will not be buying this again. Its a rather sad thing too because its an awesome tasting cigar.
Ian in Columbus,OH October 16, 2011
CAO Lx2 Lancero
"One of the best ever!"
this is one of the best cigars i've ever smoked from the first draw to the last truly excellent i'll def buy this cigar again!
J. Lettman in Queens NY August 31, 2011
CAO Lx2 Razors (5)
"Big Taste/Little Package"
Superb smoke. Puts many of the big boys to shame. Premium quality in a small size. I highly recommend.
Roger in GA July 21, 2011
CAO LX2 Toro
...what a sexy box...light grey velvet with a double hinged lid...oh yeah, the cigars were great too. The appearance was a bit off in terms of the roll; the cap not finished so well but the pre-light fragrance was nice. The draw, construction were good - and the flavour - medium to strong like dark chocolate from start to finish.
Joe in Ottawa Canada June 29, 2011
CAO Lx2 Gordo
"Nice smoke"
Nice and smooth.....lasting smoke that burned perfect and goes well with a makers mark. Sit back and dont rush it....
Bobmdog2128 in Oc, ny March 25, 2011
CAO LX2 Toro
This is the best in all category cigar I have ever smoked it is simply heavenly
Claude Perkins in North Carolina March 4, 2011
CAO Lx2 Rob
"CAO's best in my book."
This is one of the best cigars that I have had the pleasure of smoking. It is A power house of flavors that keeps you on your toes and has A unbelievable long finish that truly satisfies. I personally score this cigar A well deserved 98. You have to try this one to believe the flavors it presents
Rodney Beckom in Rockmart Ga. February 5, 2011
CAO Lx2 Rob
"Fantastic, Smooth, but Watch Out for the Punch!"
This is a fantastic smoke! Incredibly full and smooth at the same time. Be careful, though. The smoothness can set you up to not realize how strong these are and knock you for a loop!
Steve in Seattle October 2, 2010
CAO Lx2 Gordo
I love ligero cigars in general and I like CAO as a quality producer of cigars so it was logical that I try on of these. I smoked the toro sized version and found it to be a very good smoke. Like all CAO cigars it is well constructed and made from from quality tobaccos. Even though it is a ligero X's 2, it did not have that ligero punch that hits one across the brow. It was smooth, slightly peppery and quite enjoyable.
Clarke Steele in Montgomery,l September 8, 2010
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