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CAO LX2 Reviews

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CAO Lx2 Rob
"great cigar, but not for everyone"
its a pretty strong smoke but its awesome it has some underlying nutty sweetness and a strong peppery taste, it may have been the stick itself but i had trouble keeping it lit about halfway in, but all in all its a great buy will order a box soon
zach in philly March 8, 2010
CAO LX2 Toro
"One of the best!"
This cigar is currently my favorite. It's FULL of flavor, yet smooth, not spicy. I don't really have anything else to say, except try them! (Or don't, and leave more for me!!) :)
David in Fort Lauderdale February 28, 2010
CAO Lx2 Lancero
"Wait a second..."
The Toro and the Rob LX2's are one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. I bought the Lancero's on a monster deal and I can tell you this. Size and shape matter big time. The draw on these remind me of drinking a thick milk shake. The flavor profile is completely missing as well. Skip this size and stick with the Toro or Rob. You can't go wrong with those.
B. Dunn in Oceanside, CA December 30, 2009
CAO LX2 Toro
This is one of the best cigars I have every had.
Pat in MN August 19, 2009
CAO Lx2 Rob
"Exceeded my expectations!"
Wow...small word, but I can't seem to write anything that will do this cigar justice. I bought a CAO "X" 5 pack sample and I have to say the LX2 is sensational. Instantly one of my top 5 all time favorites. I like it better than the CX2, which is a good cigar as well. The cigar starts out with an nice peppery spice and then changes to a sweet, almost peppermint like flavor on the finish. Just amazing.
B. Dunn in Oceanside August 15, 2009
CAO Lx2 Rob
"Top notch"
The CAO LX2 is a very well-balanced smoke. Notes of coffee, dark chocolate, and wood. A very long-lasting cigar. The only downside was the fact that it tends to burn uneven, apparently a result of all the oil in the all that ligero. Very tasty - I recommend it with a glass of Blue Moon ale with lemon.
Ed in NorCal April 12, 2009
CAO LX2 Toro
"CAO Lx2 is one of the best cigars I have smoked."
After 24 years of smoking cigars, the CAO Lx2 is one of the best all around cigars that I have ever smoked. Out of the 1200 to 1400 cigars in my humidor the CAO Lx2 has a home among the top five.
Gmack in Virginia January 20, 2009
CAO Lx2 Rob
This is the ONLY cigar from CAO that I found uneventful. The whole time I smoked this stick, I kept wishing I had a La Flor double ligero.
Clinton in Jacksonville, Fl January 14, 2009
CAO Lx2 Rob
"Truly one of the best"
The guys at CAO have come up with a high quality smoke for us "full-flavored" aficionados. Time after time cigars are touted as full bodied and end up being less than stellar.
Ken P in Florida January 13, 2009
CAO LX2 Toro
I normally shy away from cigars with such flashy packaging. I am glad I broke my trend, this is truly a great cigar. Looks great in the hand, burns even with a smooth draw. Does not disappoint!
Jeff N. in USA January 11, 2009
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