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CAO Lx2 Lancero Reviews [view details]

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"Only for ligero fans"
Guys, this cigar is great, but only if you like the strongest possible smoke. If you are not into ligero filler, you will find this stogie harsh. The other issue is humidor time. Thinner vitolas are drying quicker, than thicker ones. So lat them rest for a week or two to bring them to ~70 humidity, and enjoy it s strength.
Ruben in Yerevan, Armenia July 7, 2014
"Disappointing from start to finish"
My first bad experience with CAO. Sharp looking stick so I was looking forward to it but draw was hard throughout. Started tunneling an inch or so in. Ended up cutting off the first 3 inches and re-lighting and got a repeat. Flamed the wrapper to correct and it settled down. I got a few draws that suggested what CAO had in mind which was OK then it turned bitter and acrid. Gave up. They say not to judge a cigar until you've tried three but I've had too many really decent first smokes to chance anymore time and money on this one.
Gary in Reston, VA January 7, 2012
"One of the best ever!"
this is one of the best cigars i've ever smoked from the first draw to the last truly excellent i'll def buy this cigar again!
J. Lettman in Queens NY August 31, 2011
"Wait a second..."
The Toro and the Rob LX2's are one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. I bought the Lancero's on a monster deal and I can tell you this. Size and shape matter big time. The draw on these remind me of drinking a thick milk shake. The flavor profile is completely missing as well. Skip this size and stick with the Toro or Rob. You can't go wrong with those.
B. Dunn in Oceanside, CA December 30, 2009
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10 Construction (72) 100
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