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CAO LX2 Toro Reviews [view details]

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It s a really decent cigar!
Vasil in CA May 4, 2014
"Waste of time and money"
This is my second review for the LX2. My first review was that these were a great cigar. So much so, that they ve been my favorite daily smoke for years. However, for the past 6 months and about 8 boxes , these cigars have been like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose! Then, on the rare occasion I get one with a decent, draw, NO SMOKE! All of the cigars I get from Famous are top quality, but I ll never buy another box of CAO cigars. If you want to try one, stop by, I have about 2 dozen cut but unsmokable cigars in my humidor. What a let down.
David in Fort Lauderdale February 11, 2014
Nice burn, very good draw, amazing "3-part" cigar. I have had double ligero cigars before, but never one that had such an interesting mix of flavors. Staring with pepper, quickly mellows to a delicious blend of earthy spices. I am very impressed.
Andrew in New York City July 1, 2012
...what a sexy box...light grey velvet with a double hinged lid...oh yeah, the cigars were great too. The appearance was a bit off in terms of the roll; the cap not finished so well but the pre-light fragrance was nice. The draw, construction were good - and the flavour - medium to strong like dark chocolate from start to finish.
Joe in Ottawa Canada June 29, 2011
This is the best in all category cigar I have ever smoked it is simply heavenly
Claude Perkins in North Carolina March 4, 2011
"One of the best!"
This cigar is currently my favorite. It's FULL of flavor, yet smooth, not spicy. I don't really have anything else to say, except try them! (Or don't, and leave more for me!!) :)
David in Fort Lauderdale February 28, 2010
This is one of the best cigars I have every had.
Pat in MN August 19, 2009
"CAO Lx2 is one of the best cigars I have smoked."
After 24 years of smoking cigars, the CAO Lx2 is one of the best all around cigars that I have ever smoked. Out of the 1200 to 1400 cigars in my humidor the CAO Lx2 has a home among the top five.
Gmack in Virginia January 20, 2009
I normally shy away from cigars with such flashy packaging. I am glad I broke my trend, this is truly a great cigar. Looks great in the hand, burns even with a smooth draw. Does not disappoint!
Jeff N. in USA January 11, 2009
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