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Moontrance Cigarillo (10) Reviews [view details]

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"The best of the CAO flavours"
Love the moontrance! By far the best of the CAO flavours, and always consistent. The taste and aroma are fantastic.
Azure in Bethlehem, PA December 18, 2009
"Too sweet, poor construction."
The wrapper tastes like it's coated with sweet n low, way too sweet. The draw on this was terrible, rolled a little too tight... not very good smoke at all. Burned pretty fast too, was done in 8 minutes. Overall, not very good. would not buy again, especially at this price...
Sean in Florida November 22, 2009
"Very Unique"
An incredible little cigar! mild,smooth,sweet and very flavorful! a high quality cigar in all catigories.If you like the best, Moontrance will pass the test !
Lynnie Shultz in United States June 11, 2009
"Favorite flavored to date, but lacking consistency"
Was not very happy with the last serving of the 5/10 Moontrance. While I realize there is no way to get the flavor an exact match through each and every cigar, I've noticed a very short range of weak to overpowering in the flavoring recently. Had I not needed these so badly I would have sent them back. Also had a few too tight and too dry. Disappointing.
JB in San Jose June 7, 2008
"Best little flavored cigarillo!"
The Moontrance Cigarillo has something that is unique in its flavor verses size....I can smoke other sizes of Moontrance and I do not find that same uniqueness. Everyone that I have turned on to this little stick is hooked...escpecially the girls :)
DigitalDave in Easton, Pa. November 19, 2007
"If you like the smell of pipe tobacco"
This is a great tasting, sweet cigar. The aroma is similar to a high quality pipe tobacco. I am a frequent smoker of medium body cigars but every once and a while I want to take a break with a flavored cigar. I have tried a wide range of flavored smokes and unlike many other flavored cigars, this one is made with premium quality tobacco by a company known for great cigars. Its no surprise that these babies are sometimes hard to come by. The CAO Moontrance has a great aroma that many of my lady friends and non smoking friends actually enjoy!
Chris G in Torrington CT September 26, 2007
"Best flavored cigar out there!"
EXCELLENT flavor. The flavor ingredients blend perfectly with the mild tobacco without actually taking away from it. Wonderful taste and smoke with the aroma of all listed flavors coming through, although the vanilla seems to be the most predominate (to me anyway). Nice wrapper, to boot! And best of all, Famous Smoke has the absolute best price on the 'Net. I've shopped all the big name sites and FS is the cheapest.
JB in San Jose, California September 14, 2007
Moontrance is the best of the best in flavored cigars.
Jackie in Bethlehem, PA November 22, 2006
Mild dreamy aroma on tin opening. Is that a hint of coconut I detect? Hard to be sure, but aroma is not bad, and taste fairly balanced. I like this better than Earth Nectar, Eileen's Dream and Gold Honey, and less than Karma Sutra.
Su in PA, USA November 18, 2006
"Top Quality Cigarillo"
I'm a big fan of the CAO line of flavored cigars, but Moontrance is my baby. I buy the torpedoes, which is cheaper at Famous Smoke, than anywhere else. It's unsual that a cigarillo maintains the same full flavor as the bigger stick. You can't get any closer with this little cigar. Lots of flavor in a 13 minute smoke.
Phillip Kohn in IL August 10, 2006
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