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CAO Moontrance Small Cigar (5) Reviews [view details]

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"Nothing spectacular"
Sorry to say, but outside the pleasent smell the cigar has before you light it, you're really left in a dissapointing trance at the lack of flavor that follows.
Jack in NV May 14, 2012
I normally enjoy these short sticks. There was no resistance drawing (you have to have a little)? For some reason, and I'm not sure why these tasted absolutely horrible? No more for this boy!
Eduardo in Bradenton February 8, 2011
"It's OK, but not worth the price comparatively."
At first, by the sweetness you get by placing this in your mouth, it seems it was dipped in liquid sugar. After lighting, that taste dwindles down. It's very smooth and mild, but it's not worth the money when I can get Brazilia tins at the same price.
Henry in Oak Forest, September 9, 2008
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