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CAO MX2 Beli Reviews [view details]

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"mx2 quality control problem?"
I've Loved this cigar but the latest orders are rolled too tight to enjoy. Quality control problems? Clearly they aren't flow testing "every cigar" as they say in their DVD. I order cao for the construction and wonderful draw... so this is a major shift in brand identity to me. Bad cigars happen, but bad boxes shouldn't.... quality is everything.
Lew in redding ca October 9, 2008
"Slow and long burning."
Great, one of my fav's.
Jim in Jacksonville/Atlanta May 27, 2008
"CAO you have yourselves a real winner."
barry in westchester il. April 13, 2008
"Totally disgusting"
After reading some mixed reviews, I decided to try these anyway. What a waste of money. I cannot quite remember the last time I was so thoroughly disappointed in a cigar as I am in these way over-priced sticks of tobacco. Save your money and buy some swisher sweets, at least then you'll get what you paid for. Never again!
Jeff in MN March 11, 2008
"Pure Garbage"
This cigar looked great and got good reviews; however it started out tasting like a really big cigarette with no character, and finished strong but not with the full flavor I expected but more like plastic and newspaper rolled together. It burned poorly and very uneven. My reward was the nasty headache it gave me and the after taste of an old womans perfume. I threw away about half-way through. I will never buy again. Especially disappointing after the Diplomaticos No. 2 I smoked the night before.
DBates in Canada March 8, 2008
"Probably will not buy again."
I checked the reviews of this cigar before I purchased them and all of them sounded positive. My experience was not pleasant. The cigar's draw was extremely light and the burn was uneven. Since this was a Maduro X2, I was expecting a full-flavored smoke, but I found it to be extremely light in flavor. Overall I am disappointed and probably will not try this one again.
Mike W in Owings, Maryland November 15, 2007
"WMD Class Cigar!"
Back during the cold war of the eighties, the MX (Peacekeeper ICBM) was designed and developed to be the "end all" weapon of mass destruction. Now I don't know where CAO got their inspiration to name their MX2 cigars but an analogy to the old three stage rocket is apt. Put a match to this guy and it takes off with smooth power and volumes of smoke that builds to the end. It has just enough complexity with its six different fillers and wrappers to keep even a moderate strength smoker interested.
T. Vasseur in Hawthorne, Ca. August 17, 2007
"Great Smoke"
Not matter where you get them, the Mx2 line is easily one of the best values in similar price points. Conservatively marked at $5-$10 a smoke (Depending on Size/Location), they are a no brainer for nearly any occasion. If you own a humidor, you better start stocking these smokes because you will never be disappointed... 2 boxes smoked through an only had 1 with burn issues (could have been humidity induced due to climate), and even then I had no problem lighting it back up to enjoy what was left! If you like a consistent, smooth tasting maduro, this is it. RECOMMENDATION: After Dinner with a dark beer, or on the gold course.
B. Johnson in WA July 8, 2007
"Cao MX2 one fine stick"
One fine everyday 2 hour smoke, top 5 maduro under 10 bucks a stick get a few and stash them away they are buttery and ready to go in a few months.
DJ in April 2, 2007
"Excellent !!!"
One of the very best cigars I have ever had. The draw got even better after aging for about a year. Burns very well with a very rich flavor worth savoring.
Mike in Vermont March 21, 2007
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