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CAO MX2 Reviews

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CAO Mx2 Daggers (5)
"sweetest quick smoke"
This MX2 Dagger the most amazing small cigar I ve ever had. I often share them with friends and they always get extremely high praise. I ve been smoking these little guys in my hot tub and on my deck while grilling for more than five years and I ve yet to experience an issue with poor draw. I give it 9 out of 10 for it s class!
Dave in Maple Grove, MN January 26, 2015
CAO Mx2 Box Press
"Amazing And Enjoyable Smoke"
I smoked this cigar for the first time tonight. I'd never had a CAO before but I was curious so I picked up the Mx2 box press. Boy am I glad I did! I've only been smoking cigars for about a month and the Mx2 is by far my favorite of all the cigars I've tried. Great burn and draw, and a decent amount of billowy smoke. I didn't experience the wrapper issues until the very end I smoked it the nub! but the box press is a bit spongy to the touch. I honestly didn't want to put this cigar down. I see a lot of sites list it as a medium-full bodied cigar. I disagree. Its a solid medium. Its not at all overpowering at in strength or flavor. I loved it so much I bought another on the way out.
Chanel in Baltimore January 16, 2015
CAO MX2 Beli
"Good Flavor Profile, No Major Complaints"
The cigar visibly was well constructed. It did burn a bit uneven, but I was smoking outside on a windy day. I was able to get it evened up without using the lighter. I thought the flavor profile was solid and my golfing partner even remarked at how good it smelled. IT'S not a Cuban and not a Padron, but for the price, I thought it was well worth the money. Just a step behind the Kristoff and Cain maduros which are smokes I'm pretty familiar with and enjoy immensely and use to measure against other cigars.
Chanel in Baltimore January 16, 2015 November 12, 2014
CAO Mx2 Box Press
"Great Smoke"
The only cigar I have found that gives me everything I'm looking for in a cigar. Flavor, burn, taste, and most importantly draw.
Paul in Texas October 7, 2014
CAO MX2 Beli
"Not even close to the hype."
Sorry to say, but these sticks aren t even close to being worth the money - or any money. CAO appears to be good at writing hype but not so good at living up to their own hype. Not a hint of good, sweet maduro flavors, much less 2X. Buy something else.
George in Stockton July 18, 2014
CAO MX2 Beli
"Awesome cigar!"
Taste, everything!
Vasil in CA June 2, 2014
CAO MX2 Beli
"dont agree w first 3 reviews"
I strong dont agree w first 3 reviews. no it is no way near a cuban. and the other two that said want worth the money or tastless are off too. this is a great brand, and a great cigar. i buy singles and and there one of my fav. if i dont buy em here i buy em in local store
bill in mahopac May 15, 2014
CAO MX2 Beli
"not worth the price"
These things unravel like nobody s business. The draw is so hard it will collapse a lung.
Dread Pirate in Las Vegas May 13, 2014
CAO MX2 Toro
my all time favorite
ROB in TX February 19, 2014
CAO MX2 Beli
"Highly, HIGHLY, overrated...."
Someone compared this to being as good as a cuban monte #2? That is the most ridiculous statement I've read in some time. These cigars are so mild there close to flavorless. Pretty wrapper, that is arguably dyed. Every single one I smokes had draw, burn, and construction issues. Quality has gone downhill since General Cigar acquired CAO. These are nowhere near a real monte, as bland as a non cuban monte. Stay away. So many better Maduros at the same, and even lower, price points. Beyond overrated!
smoker in north america February 14, 2014
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