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CAO MX2 Reviews

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CAO MX2 Beli
"Almost a Cubano Cuban Montecristo #2"
Outstanding, almost as good as a Cubano Monte #2. I am shocked at the price, hope it does not go up due to the fine reviews. Well constructed, great smoke, flavor. Do yourself a favor and pick up a sampler and give them a try, you won t be disappointed!
Bob in Bluffton, SC December 20, 2013
"Great Stick"
This is one of my fav cigars. It has never let me down.
ROB in HOUSTON December 12, 2013
CAO Mx2 Daggers (5)
"Great Taste, Bad Draw"
Extremely satisfied with the flavor and aroma, but I've gone through 2 tins of my 10 tins so far and it's like everyone says, they've got really poor draw. I might go back to the Brasilia just because of these draw issues, even though I like the flavor of the Mx2 better.
AB in Fairfax September 23, 2013
"Good cigar."
Draw was easy and even burn. Taste was very lite but still not bad. Recommend a try.
Anthony in California June 2, 2013
"Great Cigar!"
Listed as a full tasting cigar I thought it was more of a medium cigar. Smooth taste with hint of sweetness. Thick white smoke and easy draw. The burn was a little uneven but nothing to be concerned about. Must try!
Anthony in California May 25, 2013
CAO Mx2 Gordo
"The taste didn't start until the end"
After reading the review from the site I ordered a 5 pack. Good construction, wonderful ashes but the cigar is very mild. Smoked a lot of Cuban so the strength of the cigar didn't impress.
Nate in Oz March 10, 2013
"Maduro Lovers"
I suppose it depends what you enjoy. I purchased this from a store. It burned excellent and had a thick flavor to it. Great taste. Up your alley if you enjoy Camancho Triple Mad or Partagas Black Label.
Justin in Medina TX November 22, 2012
"Not bad, but no flavor"
This stick is almost jet black and doesnt have many imperfectios, but the one I had lacked any flavor at all. No spice, no taste, smooth burn line but if your a moderate smoker you wouldnt like it. Maybe a newbie would enjoy though, but thela,k of character had me bored.
Gduro in TX September 25, 2012
CAO Mx2 Box Press
won an auction on a box for only 67 bucks back in the day on this site. what an amazing stogie. the draw is a bit tight at first but gets better as you go on. this cigar is not for newbies so be prepared. i gave one to my friend who had never smoked a cigar before and it KICKED his behind... i STRONGLY recommend everyone have a few sticks for a rainy day.
Andy in Harlingen TX September 3, 2012
CAO MX2 Toro
"What's all the fuss?"
Have only been smoking cigars for a little under a year so read accordingly.Tried this immediately after delivery. Very tight draw, not much smoke, had to re-light twice. Fairly strong for me. Ashton VSG robusto my all time fav to give you an idea of my likes. Will try again after some time in the humidifier and maybe dry box time?????
Bill in Redding, CA August 3, 2012
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