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CAO MX2 Reviews

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CAO Mx2 Daggers (5)
The X line from CAO is incredible! CAO is always consistent and this Dagger is no different. Quite simply at the top of all small cigars. A must have.
Randy in Orange County, Ca October 6, 2011
CAO MX2 Toro
This is quite possibly the best cigar I have ever smoked. I had one seasoning in the humidor for three months, waiting for a special occasion, and it didn't let me down! Extremely rich, flavorful white smoke, and perfect constuction, appearance, and burn. 1 1/2 Hour cigar. Buy them now while they're in stock!! They will not disappoint. Extremely similar to the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Maduro Toro, my other personal favorite, but more flavorful, and an extra 30 min for just $1.50 more.
Jake in Arlington, WA September 5, 2011
CAO Mx2 Box Press
"My favorite"
Being a rookie the cigar world, I've tried many brands, lengths, and strengths. The box pressed CAO MX2 double maduro, is one of my favorites. I've read about burn issues, and the wrapper breaking up, but I've not experienced any of this in the ones I've smoked. The taste was consistent and the smoke was enjoyable. Im done shopping around, I've found my cigar of choice.
Ric in Pittsburgh Pa August 12, 2011
CAO Mx2 Box Press
"Great maduro till the end.."
I just finished my first of the box pressed MX2. The first half of this cigar was great. A dark chocolatey and creamy smoke. The second half was still good but began to burn uneven and a mild tunnel at the end. A great smoke but I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get to take it down to a nub because of the burn.
John in Florida May 1, 2011
CAO Mx2 Gordo
cao mx2 has been one of my favorites for the longest time. but the gordo is full of flavor and a great burn beats out the lagloria serie R in my opinion and that was my cigar of choice for years
buck crawford in Woonsocket RI April 12, 2011
CAO Mx2 Box Press
"Boston MA"
Had 3 of these in their cuban press sampler...All three were awesome...perfect draw,burn and taste!!!!
Eric Kulin in Boston February 25, 2011
CAO MX2 Toro
"Another great CAO"
It's hard not to love this one. Exceptional construction, great burn, strong clean ash and awesome flavor. The draw was slightly tight, but still fine. Very slow burn, so give yourself some time with this one. Right up their with the Brazilia for me.
Jackson in California January 26, 2011
CAO Mx2 Box Press
"Awesome CAO"
I am a huge CAO fan, for many reasons really, but the MX2 is definitely one of them. I've smoked a few different sizes of these: the massive toro, many tins of the daggers, and yes this box-pressed version. I thought the box press was one of the best smoking versions of this cigar. The flavor is deep, dark, and elegant. In my opinion the box-pressed shape is not the best an even cigar burn...but it is fine. If you like a dark maduro cigar you must try one of these! They won't break your bank like the Camacho triple maduro.
Brandon in Pasadena January 21, 2011
CAO Mx2 Gordo
"just started cigars this was my first premium"
I found these cigars rich the flavors of cocoa and coffee became prevailing and the burn line maintained a perfect straight burn I was very happy with these and look foward to filling my humidor with them as a staple
William Shima in Shelbyville Tn November 23, 2010
"Good Smoke when it draws"
Bought box of robustos and at least half rolled too tight. On the other hand toros drew much better. When they do they are powerful, flavorful, KA smokes. But because of poor quality control, I unfortunately avoid. Sad
Hank in Panhandle, Florida October 20, 2010
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