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CAO MX2 Reviews

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CAO MX2 Toro
The start of this wasn't that great but then it melted into a deep earthy tobacco and nut. Pretty much stayed there the rest of the cigar. However it spits out smoke non stop. and the draw while tight (was easily corrected with a skewer) produced ridiculous amounts of smoke. Each exhale blocked my vision completely. Very nice. not sure if I will buy these again but I have another from my sampler to possibly help me change my mind
Ian in Columbus,OH May 24, 2012
CAO MX2 Toro
"Best smoke out there!!!"
This is my favorite smoke. Hands down! I have tried about every cigar known to man. Burns great, gets better tasting as you smoke and the smell before you light it has notes of chocolate. Cannot go wrong with this cigar. Period.
slgarne in Southwest, MO January 25, 2012
CAO Mx2 Daggers (5)
"The best I have had!!!"
My father turned me on to these and I havent had any other cigar that has the same aroma like these. The taste is smooth and satisfying, they burn long and even. The size is perfect for someone who cant sit and enjoy a cigar for an hour. This is one cigar that will always be on hand.
Josh C in Kansas City, MO January 14, 2012
"Mellow spice,creamy and buttery"
I've had 2 of these so far and every about the cigar was excellent,perfect burn,flawless white ash,and great after taste....will buy again.
Rob in Illinois January 5, 2012
CAO Mx2 Gordo
"My Absolute Favorite Cigar"
I've ordered a box since General took over CAO and I have not been disappointed in the least. This beauty is still the maduro to beat: great burn, ash, construction, and taste of any full bodied cigar out there.
Me in U.S. December 22, 2011
CAO Mx2 Gordo
"General Cigar has Killed the CAO Brand."
General Cigar's recent acquisition of CAO is a sad thing. They have changed the MX2 and Brazilia cigar lines so drastically that I will no longer be smoking CAO cigars. I have smoked CAO's Brazilias and MX2s almost exclusively for over 10 years, but their horrible immitation of CAO's original brilliant blends are un-smokeable. Gone is the lush, oily wrapper and complex taste. General Cigar has replaced them with a very dry leaf and a one-dimensional, flavorless blend. The construction of the cigar is equally disappointing. The wrap is loose and the cigar tends to just fall apart. I cannot express how disappointed I am in what General Cigar has done to my beloved CAOs.
Dan in Chicago, Illinois November 28, 2011
CAO Mx2 Daggers (5)
The X line from CAO is incredible! CAO is always consistent and this Dagger is no different. Quite simply at the top of all small cigars. A must have.
Randy in Orange County, Ca October 6, 2011
CAO MX2 Toro
This is quite possibly the best cigar I have ever smoked. I had one seasoning in the humidor for three months, waiting for a special occasion, and it didn't let me down! Extremely rich, flavorful white smoke, and perfect constuction, appearance, and burn. 1 1/2 Hour cigar. Buy them now while they're in stock!! They will not disappoint. Extremely similar to the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Maduro Toro, my other personal favorite, but more flavorful, and an extra 30 min for just $1.50 more.
Jake in Arlington, WA September 5, 2011
CAO Mx2 Box Press
"My favorite"
Being a rookie the cigar world, I've tried many brands, lengths, and strengths. The box pressed CAO MX2 double maduro, is one of my favorites. I've read about burn issues, and the wrapper breaking up, but I've not experienced any of this in the ones I've smoked. The taste was consistent and the smoke was enjoyable. Im done shopping around, I've found my cigar of choice.
Ric in Pittsburgh Pa August 12, 2011
CAO Mx2 Box Press
"Great maduro till the end.."
I just finished my first of the box pressed MX2. The first half of this cigar was great. A dark chocolatey and creamy smoke. The second half was still good but began to burn uneven and a mild tunnel at the end. A great smoke but I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get to take it down to a nub because of the burn.
John in Florida May 1, 2011
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