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CAO Mx2 Daggers (5) Reviews [view details]

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"sweetest quick smoke"
This MX2 Dagger the most amazing small cigar I ve ever had. I often share them with friends and they always get extremely high praise. I ve been smoking these little guys in my hot tub and on my deck while grilling for more than five years and I ve yet to experience an issue with poor draw. I give it 9 out of 10 for it s class!
Dave in Maple Grove, MN January 26, 2015
"Great Taste, Bad Draw"
Extremely satisfied with the flavor and aroma, but I've gone through 2 tins of my 10 tins so far and it's like everyone says, they've got really poor draw. I might go back to the Brasilia just because of these draw issues, even though I like the flavor of the Mx2 better.
AB in Fairfax September 23, 2013
"The best I have had!!!"
My father turned me on to these and I havent had any other cigar that has the same aroma like these. The taste is smooth and satisfying, they burn long and even. The size is perfect for someone who cant sit and enjoy a cigar for an hour. This is one cigar that will always be on hand.
Josh C in Kansas City, MO January 14, 2012
The X line from CAO is incredible! CAO is always consistent and this Dagger is no different. Quite simply at the top of all small cigars. A must have.
Randy in Orange County, Ca October 6, 2011
"Best Maduro Cigars EVER"
I have smoked many of these great cigars. I've never had a single issue with light, burn, or draw. The flavor of these wonderful little numbers is amazing. It is not for the Newbie smoker. I'm not however some kind of extreme afficianado. All in all I would highly recommend these and will purchase many more.
PathsOfDarkness in SLC UT May 16, 2010
"Wood Dowels"
I bought 1 box of these and loved them. Since the first box I bought 3 more and ended up thowing half of them away. The draw is impossible. Even with the stupid poker thing it is like trying to smoke a wood dowel, or a roll of nickels.
xjason in Rehrersburg PA January 3, 2010
"Delicious...very tight draw"
I actually like the tough draws on all the CAO minis. This one is best after a few hours out of the humi. A nice complex, rich and subtle flavor. Hints of cocoa, not too much spice, a real treat right down to the nub.
Madrok in Virginia February 27, 2009
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