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CAO Mx2 Gordo Reviews [view details]

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"The taste didn't start until the end"
After reading the review from the site I ordered a 5 pack. Good construction, wonderful ashes but the cigar is very mild. Smoked a lot of Cuban so the strength of the cigar didn't impress.
Nate in Oz March 10, 2013
"My Absolute Favorite Cigar"
I've ordered a box since General took over CAO and I have not been disappointed in the least. This beauty is still the maduro to beat: great burn, ash, construction, and taste of any full bodied cigar out there.
Me in U.S. December 22, 2011
"General Cigar has Killed the CAO Brand."
General Cigar's recent acquisition of CAO is a sad thing. They have changed the MX2 and Brazilia cigar lines so drastically that I will no longer be smoking CAO cigars. I have smoked CAO's Brazilias and MX2s almost exclusively for over 10 years, but their horrible immitation of CAO's original brilliant blends are un-smokeable. Gone is the lush, oily wrapper and complex taste. General Cigar has replaced them with a very dry leaf and a one-dimensional, flavorless blend. The construction of the cigar is equally disappointing. The wrap is loose and the cigar tends to just fall apart. I cannot express how disappointed I am in what General Cigar has done to my beloved CAOs.
Dan in Chicago, Illinois November 28, 2011
cao mx2 has been one of my favorites for the longest time. but the gordo is full of flavor and a great burn beats out the lagloria serie R in my opinion and that was my cigar of choice for years
buck crawford in Woonsocket RI April 12, 2011
"just started cigars this was my first premium"
I found these cigars rich the flavors of cocoa and coffee became prevailing and the burn line maintained a perfect straight burn I was very happy with these and look foward to filling my humidor with them as a staple
William Shima in Shelbyville Tn November 23, 2010
"Outstanding Favor"
After 16 years of consistently smoking different types of cigars, about 7 years ago I decided that CAO?s was the cigar for me. I love the taste of all their cigars, the MX2?s overall has the best favor, outstanding draw, and a very nice burn. Thank you CAO.
Frank in Simi Valley Calif. September 30, 2010
Well made cigar, but not a lot of flavor. Boring.
Pat in MN August 19, 2009
"inconsistent box, 4 unravelled loose roll or tight"
1/2 the box was a good smoke but several unravelled even with a punch cut..even more the first wrappers needed repairs...will not order again
Jeff G in Downers Grove IL June 1, 2009
"One of the best"
This is my favorite full flavored cigar
Andy C in Kentucky December 7, 2008
"Great Cigar - but very hard draw. Anomaly????"
I have smoked several of these quality, full flavored cigars and have always enjoyed them. I just ordered a box and have only somked one. The flavor and comlexity were there, but it had a very hard draw. So much so, that it was difficul to keep it lit. Gone was the usual mouth full of smoke I have experienced with this cigar on other occasions. Hopefully this was a fluke and the whole box will not be like this.
Kent in Key West November 6, 2008
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10 Construction (89) 100
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