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CAO MX2 Rob Reviews [view details]

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"Luscious Robusto"
These sticks arrive from Famous, like most do going ground, on the dry side. Stuff 'em in your humi for a month or longer to mellow and get reconstituted, then you'll be most pleased with the spicy coffee bean cedar cinnamon hints that swirl around your taste buds from first puff to stubby finish.
Gordo in Santa Cruz April 29, 2009
"Meet Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde"
Robusto - First half of this stick was a disaster; uneven burn, wavering smoke, dull bland single sided taste, and not what a CAO should be. Who twisted this stick? Some dude in Darfur? Second half was altogether different; full luscious smoke, nutty earthy blends, smooth burn and aromatic. But half a stick?? I wish it was the other way around so I didn't have to suffer through the first half.
sfbay in San Francisco January 20, 2009
"so so"
got a freebie with an order, glad i did. i wouldn't pay a lot for these because it's typical CAO - not a lot of taste and a big price to go with it.
rseaman in canastota, ny January 19, 2009
"Great if..."
you can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Got a box in July, just finished the last one tonight. I had such high hopes. I am very disappointed. Of the box, 10 were smokable. So, they'll go great underneath the mower, down the disposal, best in the fireplace while you sip your whisky or tequila or ale.
Mark in of Earth November 25, 2008
"This was a smokey explosion of Maduro goodness!"
This thing lasted about 2 hours. It was freezing outside but this big fella kept me warm with it's sweet double maduro zestiness! I would smoke it again!
Yoop in Oklahoma October 6, 2008
steve2812 in Santa Rosa August 22, 2008
"High hopes were met!"
After trying the Maduro, I couldn't wait to try the Mx2. Great flavor with very good looks. Even the wrapper calls out to you.
Henry in Oak Forest August 18, 2008
"Great right out of the box"
The MX-2 is such a great stick right out of the box, but let these sit for a few months and they get even better! A superb everyday cigar.
JB in California July 23, 2008
Not a terrible smoke, but not a great one either. The cigar looks presentable, but the flavor was nothing to write home about. The burn was very uneven and wasn't wrapped too well.
Mike in Birmingham June 20, 2008
I just have to say this is the most disappointing maduro Ive ever paid TOO much for. I can not say enough bad things about this smoke. The only good thing I can say is that the construction is perfect. The taste leaves absolutley NOTHING to be desired! I bought a box, smoked 4, and simply GAVE the others to friends.
Paul in Vacouver June 13, 2008
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