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CAO MX2 Rob Reviews [view details]

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"Great Stick"
This is one of my fav cigars. It has never let me down.
ROB in HOUSTON December 12, 2013
"Good cigar."
Draw was easy and even burn. Taste was very lite but still not bad. Recommend a try.
Anthony in California June 2, 2013
"Great Cigar!"
Listed as a full tasting cigar I thought it was more of a medium cigar. Smooth taste with hint of sweetness. Thick white smoke and easy draw. The burn was a little uneven but nothing to be concerned about. Must try!
Anthony in California May 25, 2013
"Maduro Lovers"
I suppose it depends what you enjoy. I purchased this from a store. It burned excellent and had a thick flavor to it. Great taste. Up your alley if you enjoy Camancho Triple Mad or Partagas Black Label.
Justin in Medina TX November 22, 2012
"Not bad, but no flavor"
This stick is almost jet black and doesnt have many imperfectios, but the one I had lacked any flavor at all. No spice, no taste, smooth burn line but if your a moderate smoker you wouldnt like it. Maybe a newbie would enjoy though, but thela,k of character had me bored.
Gduro in TX September 25, 2012
"Quality Control Needed"
Like other reviewers, I have noticed a serious lack in quality control from CAO. My latest MX2 Robusto had a GIANT HAIR sticking out of the end of it. The cigar was rolled so tight when I tried to pull the hair out it snapped off. GROSS.
Jesse in Michigan, USA July 17, 2012
"Mellow spice,creamy and buttery"
I've had 2 of these so far and every about the cigar was excellent,perfect burn,flawless white ash,and great after taste....will buy again.
Rob in Illinois January 5, 2012
"Good Smoke when it draws"
Bought box of robustos and at least half rolled too tight. On the other hand toros drew much better. When they do they are powerful, flavorful, KA smokes. But because of poor quality control, I unfortunately avoid. Sad
Hank in Panhandle, Florida October 20, 2010
"Overrated. LX2 is better"
After seeing such high ratings at Famous I bough a couple of each X2 CAO from my local cigar shop. Well ... they are all good and well constructed with LX2 being superior to two other blends (which is confirmed by its place in CA Top 25 in one of recent years). MX2 which I am smoking right now is definitely very smooth and creamy, as advertised, but it lacks the sweetness, spice and flavor present in LX2 and my other favorites such as Padrons and Arturo Fuente Don Carlos. My verdict is - if you are not very price sensitive go for those top brands. If price is important for you - CAO will not be a bad choice.
GF in Moscow February 11, 2010
"3 out of 5"
This cigar gets 3 out of 5 stars from me because thier is just not much flavor with this cigar.Looks good burns good but thats about it.Not worth the money,give me a camacho select any day,YUM!!!!!
mark in alabama October 5, 2009
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