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my all time favorite
ROB in TX February 19, 2014
"What's all the fuss?"
Have only been smoking cigars for a little under a year so read accordingly.Tried this immediately after delivery. Very tight draw, not much smoke, had to re-light twice. Fairly strong for me. Ashton VSG robusto my all time fav to give you an idea of my likes. Will try again after some time in the humidifier and maybe dry box time?????
Bill in Redding, CA August 3, 2012
"Great Cigar! Excellent Draw!"
This is a very dense cigar, as such I expected it to have a tough draw. Gladly it didn't. It wasn't as strong as I expected it to be, but quite smooth. The only problem I had with it was the burn, it had some trouble keeping a consistent burn, but it wasn't horrible, and it corrected itself over time. Overall a very enjoyable cigar, thank you C.A.O.!
E. Ross in Oregon July 22, 2012
The start of this wasn't that great but then it melted into a deep earthy tobacco and nut. Pretty much stayed there the rest of the cigar. However it spits out smoke non stop. and the draw while tight (was easily corrected with a skewer) produced ridiculous amounts of smoke. Each exhale blocked my vision completely. Very nice. not sure if I will buy these again but I have another from my sampler to possibly help me change my mind
Ian in Columbus,OH May 24, 2012
"Best smoke out there!!!"
This is my favorite smoke. Hands down! I have tried about every cigar known to man. Burns great, gets better tasting as you smoke and the smell before you light it has notes of chocolate. Cannot go wrong with this cigar. Period.
slgarne in Southwest, MO January 25, 2012
This is quite possibly the best cigar I have ever smoked. I had one seasoning in the humidor for three months, waiting for a special occasion, and it didn't let me down! Extremely rich, flavorful white smoke, and perfect constuction, appearance, and burn. 1 1/2 Hour cigar. Buy them now while they're in stock!! They will not disappoint. Extremely similar to the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Maduro Toro, my other personal favorite, but more flavorful, and an extra 30 min for just $1.50 more.
Jake in Arlington, WA September 5, 2011
"Another great CAO"
It's hard not to love this one. Exceptional construction, great burn, strong clean ash and awesome flavor. The draw was slightly tight, but still fine. Very slow burn, so give yourself some time with this one. Right up their with the Brazilia for me.
Jackson in California January 26, 2011
"Its got some kick"
Im kind of new to cigars so this one was alittle strong but very good.construction was very good but cracked alittle in the begining then was great.This is a nice cigar after dinner when you have lots of time a slow burner.I split a box with my friend tony would buy again.
chris in orlando fl September 16, 2010
"Great powerful smoke"
Great powerfull rich smoke. Almost a woody taste to it. Not an everyday cigar, but great for those special times when you can give full dedication to it.
Kevin in Lynnwood Wa July 22, 2010
"Powerful Smoke"
I have smoked several boxes of MX2 Maduro and find them to be a very enjoyable cigar. I have not had draw issues as others have mentioned. This is a very full flavor cigar and may not be suited for a new cigar smoker. The only complaint I have had is that the wrapper wants to split if they have not had week or so in your humidor before smoking . Overall I give the MX2 high marks. Grab a Coors Lite, fire one of these up and relax.
tommys in June 9, 2010
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