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CAO OSA Sol Reviews

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CAO OSA Sol Lot 50
"Great Cigar"
I got this in a sample pack and it is by far my favorite. Good taste smoke was not harsh at all and I plan on buying a box the next time I order
Paul in Sault Ste Marie May 16, 2014
CAO OSA Sol Lot 50
"Not impressed"
Smoke was harsh on the nose, had a bad aftertaste that had to be washed away. Came in a sample pack. will not reorder.
Everett in Pittsburg Ks. May 11, 2014
CAO OSA Lot 46
"Another Classy Family Member"
Lot 46 a nice short smoke variation with the same fine qualities as the Lot 54 and 58 OSA Sols. Will be ordering a box of Lot 50 to complete my favorite 100-cigar stash.
Richard in Maine October 1, 2013
CAO OSA Sol Lot 50
"A Good Easy Smoke"
A good easy medium smoke with earthy taste with a hint of sweetness. Worth a shot.
Anthony in California September 15, 2013
CAO OSA Sol Lot 54
the best cigar i have ever had. great burn, construction, taste. minimal smoke on the first third but still plenty of flavor.
bill in utah June 25, 2012
CAO OSA Sol Lot 58
"An excellent cigar, a huge smoking experience"
An excellent cigar, closing in ón the Best smokes from Cuba, like the Cohiba Sublimes 2004 Ltd. Draw is perfect, the bouquet has sich, exclusive overtones, and the taste is one of sublime Tobacco, not too much nicotin but very complex ón the palatte. A perfect cigar.
George in Copenhagen, Denmark June 24, 2012
CAO OSA Sol Lot 50
"Great smoke,"
One of my favorite go to cigars, This cigars offers a great mid body taste, with a very oily wrapper that is appealing to the eye. The burn tends to vary on occasion but for the most part is even. The draw is fairly neat. Does well with a nice single malt as well.
Jake in wilmington, NC June 13, 2012
CAO OSA Sol Lot 50
"an ok smoke"
Got one of these at local smoke shop and forgot it in humi for about 4 months.reminded me a bit of the cao gold but not as good. Does finish a little strong but a decent smoke. Would recommend the cao gold over the osa tho'.
tom in cookeville,tn February 17, 2012
CAO OSA Sol Lot 50
"Excellent gar"
Famous sent me a freebie along with my order a few weeks back. Finally got a chance to sit down and try this bad actor. First off, I prefer maduro's and this is not.... but it seemed that the wrapper was nicely sweet kind of a sun grown type of sweet. The appearance was nicely oily and I was excited to light it up. Upon ignition this one fired on all cylinders. Great nutty spicy leathery flavor, a very "outdoorsy" smoke. The burn was razor fine without exception. Draw was also perfect, no complaints. This cigar was a bit strong for me in terms of nicotine content... but I'd definitely pay a couple bucks to puff another. Thanks Famous!
wizzle612 in mn November 8, 2011
CAO OSA Sol Lot 50
"Very Tasty."
ROTT, wonderful and chewy. What a Fuente standard should be, but fuller. Great complexity, nuts, butter, wood, maple? sprinkled with good dose of pepper throughout. And if you nub it, expect a Pepin-est finish. Burn and construction are top notch.
RB in Cali. October 30, 2011
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