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"Save your money"
I bought these when Famous had the buy one get one half off. I thought "hey, 40 brand name cigars AND 2 cool light up humidors." Boy was I wrong. The cigars taste like pepper rolled in a paper towel, when you can keep it lit. Now I don't have a sophisticated palate, but I know I don't like these. I have several friends that I swap cigars with. A couple of them are good at taking one but never seem to give one back. I give these to those people. I have rated a few cigars on here and this is the first bad rating I have given. Oh, and the humidors sucks. The clasp on one broke the second time I shut it. So no use in putting batteries in that one. The other still has a working lid and lights up really neat with blue neon when you open it. But the digital hygrometer constantly says 27%. I put another hygrometer inside and it stays between 65% and 70%. So that's another 20 bucks. Total purchase price for 40 bad cigars, 1 broken humidor, 1 inaccurate humidor and 1 hygrometer - 200.00. Thank goodness I already had 2 good humidors. Bottom line, buy a fifty dollar humidor, 2 bundles of Gurkha Regents, and still save a few bucks.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
The Cao Vision is the only CAO I will smoke. MY favorite cigar is Davidoff, this is very close to Davidoff except for the price.
Stuart Schnur in Pompano Beach, Fl September 24, 2013
"Great smoke"
I bought a box and after the first one I was disappointed. Very tight draw, horrible burn. I figured well got 19 more to go...ha ha. Since then each vision has been great. Nice draw, even burn......love them so much bought another box. So you can't always judge a cigar based on a one time smoke.
Scott in Florida January 31, 2013
Having enjoyed the Epiphany of CAO's "Vision" line, I was disappointed with the poor draw of the Catalyst. A third of the way in it drew to a tight close and after re-lighting it several times I had to give it up half-way through and light up one of my Arturo Fuentes so the afternoon would not be a total loss. I think CAO needs to re-think the construction of the Catalyst, because that was all that was wrong with it.
L. G. C. in Flathead, MT September 28, 2012
"Review Update"
In a recent review I blasted these for having a horribly uneven burn. Having jumped the gun a bit after smoking one that did have a horribly uneven burn, I must say, I do enjoy these cigars. They certainly don't burn even and require attention, but so far only one has been horribly uneven. I would never pay retail for these, but on sale they are worth a try. They just need to drop the plastic humi and lower the sale price a bit more.
Mongrel in Poconos November 5, 2011
"Great cigar but Draw could improve"
The cigar itself was a pretty good cigar despite its draw or lack there of I will purchase another and will hope the draw is somewhat better.
Jordan1443 in South Carolina October 6, 2011
"Ages poorly"
Bought a box recently when they were on sale, to my dismay they aged rather poorly albeit in proper conditions. These Vision's lost a lot of their complexity, creaminess, and spice in compare as to when they were still in production, the body mellowed from full to a flat medium, while the strength remains at medium-fuil (which is juxtaposition to what ought to occur).
TSB in CigarPsychology, MD August 19, 2011
"Terrible Burn"
Impossible to enjoy this cigar since the burn was so uneven. The wrapper looks tasty, but I couldn't tell ya how it tasted since it needed constant flame to fix a horrible uneven burn.
Mongrel in Poconos August 15, 2011
"Very good Smoke"
Very excellent smoke, I left mine sit about 7 days in the humidor. I had no problem with the burn, very consistent and even. I picked it up as part of the 6 pack deal. It will be something that I will have one in the box...
Squatch in Alpharetta. ga June 4, 2011
"Very good smoke!"
I am smoking a CAO Vision Catalyst that has about two years on it. The flavors are very good and the Cigar is complex. The burn is the only thing I have to say negative about it, I have had to relight it three times. Overall I would give it an 8 out of 10 rating.
Lewis Lefevre in Denver, CO May 14, 2011
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