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CAO Vision Reviews

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CAO Vision Prana
"Just Ordinary"
I expected a better cigar based on the ratings and price. I had trouble with the Draw and the Burn. I was constantly putting the lighter to it to equalize the Burn.
Mike in Green Valley January 12, 2015
CAO Vision Epiphany
"Consistently Good"
Have gone through several boxes of the Vision Epiphany. Very consistent with good draw, copious smoke and smooth flavors. Some canoeing issues if you hurry this cigar. Otherwise, just fine. Now, what do I do with all those electric blue light boxes?
Doc Rock in Bethlehem, PA December 23, 2014
CAO Vision Epiphany
"New favorite smoke"
A couple friends have enjoyed these and thought the Vision Epiphany would be a good fit for my palate. I loved everything about it. It had smooth almost creamy texture and a complex mellow spice. Exactly what I have been looking for.
Jarrett in Seattle September 3, 2014
CAO Vision Catalyst 5 Pack
Burns hot, tough draw, uneven burn. What a dissappointment
John in Wilson June 24, 2014
CAO Vision Catalyst
"Save your money"
I bought these when Famous had the buy one get one half off. I thought "hey, 40 brand name cigars AND 2 cool light up humidors." Boy was I wrong. The cigars taste like pepper rolled in a paper towel, when you can keep it lit. Now I don't have a sophisticated palate, but I know I don't like these. I have several friends that I swap cigars with. A couple of them are good at taking one but never seem to give one back. I give these to those people. I have rated a few cigars on here and this is the first bad rating I have given. Oh, and the humidors sucks. The clasp on one broke the second time I shut it. So no use in putting batteries in that one. The other still has a working lid and lights up really neat with blue neon when you open it. But the digital hygrometer constantly says 27%. I put another hygrometer inside and it stays between 65% and 70%. So that's another 20 bucks. Total purchase price for 40 bad cigars, 1 broken humidor, 1 inaccurate humidor and 1 hygrometer - 200.00. Thank goodness I already had 2 good humidors. Bottom line, buy a fifty dollar humidor, 2 bundles of Gurkha Regents, and still save a few bucks.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
CAO Vision Catalyst
The Cao Vision is the only CAO I will smoke. MY favorite cigar is Davidoff, this is very close to Davidoff except for the price.
Stuart Schnur in Pompano Beach, Fl September 24, 2013
CAO Vision Epiphany
Pat in Pennsylvania August 8, 2013
CAO Vision Prana
"best cigar for the price"
I have purchased these 4 or 5 times and have enjoyed the taste and they burn great with good consistency... One of my top 5 cigars!!!!!!
Johnny in washington July 28, 2013
CAO Vision Epiphany
"Gotta know how to smoke it!"
This is a supreme smoke if you retrohale - it has remained a top 5 smoke of mine whether right out of the box or if it has been Rip Van Winkling it in the humi. If your a pure tounge/palate smoker, well then you're missing out on what this cigar really has to offer. For those who retrohale, you know, or will know, this smoke is a more than a delectable treat. Forget the box/humi it comes in!... Certainly nobody has smoked THAT!
Erik in Pittsburgh June 23, 2013
CAO Vision Prana
"Thanks JC"
Thanks to JC for his review including the humidor. I could not understand how the humidity reading could be so far off so I put the hygrometer from my large humidor in the box and lo and behold the humidity was just fine. I should have looked at the reviews first. I am pleased with the cigars and plan to order some more.
RFF in Thailand February 8, 2013
La Floridita Gold