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CAO Vision Reviews

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CAO Vision Test Flight
"Very Smooth and Nice"
I had my first one of these the other day, and very smooth and easy. Great burn great taste, and will always have some of these in the humidor..
Squatch in Alpahretta June 12, 2011
CAO Vision Catalyst
"Very good Smoke"
Very excellent smoke, I left mine sit about 7 days in the humidor. I had no problem with the burn, very consistent and even. I picked it up as part of the 6 pack deal. It will be something that I will have one in the box...
Squatch in Alpharetta. ga June 4, 2011
CAO Vision Catalyst
"Very good smoke!"
I am smoking a CAO Vision Catalyst that has about two years on it. The flavors are very good and the Cigar is complex. The burn is the only thing I have to say negative about it, I have had to relight it three times. Overall I would give it an 8 out of 10 rating.
Lewis Lefevre in Denver, CO May 14, 2011
CAO Vision Catalyst
The CAO Vision Catalyst, sports a nice, attractive, oily, chocolate colored wrapper, with some minor vains. The ash is loose, and the burn is somewhat off. The cigar needed to be relight a number of times, throughout the burn. Upon lighting the Catalyst, sweet creamy notes of fresh tobacco flood the pallet. Notes of creamed coffee, and almonds were noted in the nose. Throughout the second half of the burn, aromas of oak, and nuts, were present in the nose. On the third part of the burn, the smoke remained creamy, nutty, and woody. The CAO Catalyst is medium in body. The approximate burn time on this robusto, is 90 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this cigar 8. Note-- opinion -- If the burn would have bin up-to-par, I would have rated this cigar 10!!
Robb Hughes in Michigan May 5, 2011
CAO Vision Epiphany
"Nice, for the most part..."
Got a couple of these in a sampler. Great taste, appearance, and draw. My only gripe was that the burn was off somewhat. I would buy more of these again.
Robb Hughes in Michigan May 5, 2011 May 1, 2011
CAO Vision Epiphany
"Great looking but not much else"
Just bought a box of this and lit up with a buddy. The sensi-box and the cigars looks amazing, very beautifully crafted and designed. The burns was pretty good, and the draw was easy. I never had to relight and just did minor adjustments to even out the burn. My biggest issue with the cigar is the complete lack of flavor. While there were hints of pepper, most of the time I can find no discernable taste. At times it felt like I was smoking paper. While the CAO Vision looks great, unfortunately, that's all it got. And at their price range, I would not recommend it to anyone.
Angus in Canada March 27, 2011
CAO Vision Epiphany
"Not worth the trip.Too many great cigars@ that pr"
Hard draw in relation to the other CAO's I smoke--Anniversary Cameroons (original blend) and their "international" blends. Very poor burns on 7 of the 10 I smoked. You can tell that it was made by La Aurora. Definitely would not buy again and won't give or recommend to my cigar-smoking buddies.
Angus in Canada March 27, 2011 February 27, 2011
CAO Vision Epiphany
"Great cigar"
Nice draw great taste a top notch cigar.
Dan in California February 25, 2011
CAO Vision Prana
"An instant favorite!"
After seeing this box go on sale here I had to try one. So after purchasing a stick at my local shop, I was absolutely enthralled by this cigar. The draw is very easy, the taste is mild but I prefer that. But the aroma that emits from this is just heaven. Thoroughly enjoyable and now my second fav. cigar to the Cohiba. And yep, I purchased a box from here, and the cigars came in great condition, though like others have said, the humidor has proved itself to not hold humidity well so far.
Scotty in Delaware February 16, 2011
CAO Vision Prana
I just wanted to say thank you to all Review Writers for CAO Vision.I probably won't buy any now and that will save both CAO and I both money.I have bought thousands of dollars of their cigars.One major disappointment could have ended that relationship. Thank you.
mike b. mayhugh in Iowa. February 8, 2011
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