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CAO Vision Sensi-Box Humidor & Carry Case Reviews [view details]

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"Pretty, but that's it."
I got 2 of these when Famous had the buy 1 get 1 half off sale. The lid clasp broke on the first one the second time I opened it. On the second one no mater the humidity level the hygrometer reads 27%. I had to put a small hygro inside to see humidity is usually 65% to 70%. At least it keeps steady humidity. It is NOT a travel humidor. Sure you can put it in the neoprene case and carry it with you, but if you drop it it's going to break. A travel humidor, like my Xikar or Pelican can take some abuse. It is cool when the lights come on and is a conversation piece, but so is a lamp. This is the only bad review I have ever given. DON'T BUY.
Phil in Gainesville, Ga October 7, 2013
"Humidor Light Doesn't Work"
Received my purchase. Installed new batteries. Hygrometer lights but rest of LED lighting does not. DISAPPOINTED. Why are these not tested before sold?
Pat C in Pennsylvania August 8, 2013
"may not work"
this box looks like it'd be cool if it actually worked. only thing that works on mine is the hygrometer... no lights
keith in buffalo May 14, 2013
"Pretty looking cigar box"
I recently purchased a box of CAO cigars which included a free Sensi-box (travel humidor). My initial impression was it looks very pretty, elegant even. The crisp syle and white smooth corners remind me of a cigar box for iPhone or Wii lovers. I seasoned it as a humidor and it works about as well as any cigar box with a tight lid. The LED light bar inside didn't work as expected but the hygrometer thermostat did.
SD in Camp Leatherneck, AFG April 17, 2013
"Stay Away"
I would not recommend this product. Looks nice but door clamp broke after closing it the second time. This humidor did not come with a Humidi-Pack like the enclosed pamphlet stated. Returned the box but kept the cigars..... good smoke.
Peet in Louisville, KY January 29, 2013
"worth the price!"
I purchased this two months ago and there is mostly good and some bad. The good: striking conversation piece; collector's item; holds humidity at a consistent 69% with a 72% humidpack; good travel humidor for 25 full-size sticks; nice neoprene carry case. The bad: Not good for aging due to limited spanish cedar; digital hygrometer reads 30% low. Get this if you want to impress your cigar buddies. Mine are jealous!
s warren in lake mary, fl January 9, 2013
"perfect for stated purpose, great for travel."
Perfect weekly travel companion, exactly what it was advertised as. Not a home or aging humidor.
J Sannizzaro in Mississippi October 17, 2011
"Buy as is, you might get one that works!!"
I purchased this thinking that I was getting a brand new humidor and got a non-lighting or functioning box that was leftover from a box of cigars and is useless as a humidor. Basically I spent 20 for a set of batteries and humipak.
smokey in Pennsylvania December 30, 2010
"excellent product!"
Unlike the above review I actually read the description of the item and it clearly states that the hydrogrometer was not included. This is a pack for traveling and it does as adverstised. Unlike the above so called "cigar smoker" I realize that I do not need the humidity packs to last longer then a month since it is a travel case! I actually have a humidor to store my stoogies. If you are looking for a convienant case to carry your smokes when you travel then this is worth the price.
Brian in Norman, OK November 26, 2010
"wheres the hygrometer??"
A piece of junk just like their cigars..whats the blue light and illuminated rectangle for..and humidipacks dont work longer than a month if at all, by the time you recieve it. But someone out there will buy it as a novelty. Me? I smoke cigars.
Jack in Illinois September 22, 2010