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"Decent Humidor :)"
I like it so far! Of course you need a hygrometer and I'll suggest Xikar Rectangular Hygrometer - make sure that the battery is making good contact and for humidification put something more like WaterPillows Humidifier to be sure that everything is all-right! And guys - don't watch YouTube for references - just follow the instructions! ;)
Vasil in CA August 10, 2013
"Nice humidor"
Small humidor but it does the job and has a nice appearance.
Leonard West in Memphis, Tennessee July 24, 2013
nice little humidor, but not the best. the humidifier it comes with is not that good, and it doesn't come with a hydrometer which stinks. my divider came broken and the seal isn't the best and i don't think it is holding the humidity even after i seasoned it for three days. it was okay for the price i paid but if you want a good humidor i would spend a bit more and get a good one.
in December 8, 2012
"This Was My First Humidor"
I bought this humidor last year, an I didnt know what to expect I also bought about 50 medium size cigars with it. It actually does a good job I take it about everywhere I go. %26 You dont really have to re liquidity the humiliation device that often. Really good buy 4 beginners an people who have 2 hide there stogies lol
Brandon in Augusta, GA, August 15, 2012
"Great value! Beautiful cedar."
Upon unboxing, the inside of the box was lined with styrofoam and kept the humidor in perfect shape. There is a guide included on how to season and care for the humidor. Mine is seasoning right now, but overall this thing looks like it cost me WAY more than $17.99 - the cedar lining is beautiful and perfect. When i first opened it up, I thought - man this thing doesn't seal at all! It was really loose. However, having let it sit overnight and season, I can already feel the seal improving. I guess seasoning this thing well will do it much good. The cedar appears very, very dry - but it smells amazing. It appears to be big enough to hold 50 cigars easily. I was actually surprised just how big it was. There is a nice little divider included that has foam on the edge of it, to cushion it against the cedar lining and keep your cigars separated. The humidifier included is the green foam disk kind. I got the Monster Magma crystal/gel jar as part of a cheap deal when I bought the humidor, and I highly recommend it - it's making seasoning easier and will be great to set it up with something so trouble free. Instead of attaching the humidifier to the lid, instead I put a hygrometer on it (Madelaine analog). For the price, this thing seems like it's one heckuva deal - thanks Famous Smoke!
Kruk in IL July 17, 2012
"It Gets The Job Done"
I bought this humidor for $18 and I cannot complain. It arrived with a small chip in the wood on the top where the seal is, but with a small amount of glue it fixed right up. I seasoned it with xikar solution using the shot glass method and within 36 hours it was good to go. I have over 50 cigars in there, so your money is well spent. It holds 69-70% RH constantly which works for me! I would definitely reccomend this humidor it is a great value and is worth a spot on anyones desk.
Christian in TX April 12, 2012
Paid 19.99 for it on sale. It holds a decent amount, but it doesn't seem to hold humidity very well. I'm constantly filling the humidifier. Can't complain for 20 bucks though.
Greg in PA February 2, 2012
"great humidor/great price"
i bought this humidor over a year ago and really recommend it. it looks really nice in the picture but even nicer once its in your hands
andy in harlingen November 15, 2011
"Great Buy"
When I purchase this humidor I actually thought I was going to suck. But when I got it I was like "Wow!" It has a really nigh finish, perfect size if this is your first or if you aren't really looking for something huge! Lol but its really nice and just alitte advice go ahead a pick up some distilled water.. don't be like me and use tap, cuz it can create mold and spores in your humidor. So I encourage anyone who's looking for a nice humidor, you've found it. You don't have to look no farther.
thecrazyboy7 in Augusta,Ga,USA August 15, 2011
"Not Bad For The Money"
Can't beat this for a cheapo. I use it to hide cigars in a file cabinet at work ;>)
Mouse in December 11, 2010