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Caridad Connecticut Reviews

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Caridad Connecticut Robusto
"Great Smoke"
First few minutes of smoking this the draw took a couple of deep breaths but after that it was a breeze, extremely smooth. Peppery taste in the beginning until stick warms up then halfway through a mild mint taste, very easy on the pallet. The ash held on to its half inch or more without fail. The aroma was mildly sweet and enjoyable. No unraveling of the binding and burned very evenly. Overall a very enjoyable smoke with this one. Will definitely put this one into heavy rotation.
N. Perkins in Indianapolis June 16, 2014
Caridad Connecticut Robusto
"This one is a dud."
Tasted of burning pine cones. Loose wrap. Lots of veins. TONS OF SMOKE.
Adam in TX January 27, 2013
Caridad Connecticut Robusto
"I would pass this puro"
I was not impressed with this cigar - I had this cigar in my humidor for eight weeks. It had an uneven burn. I had to relight it very often. I had flakes of ash every where; in 1/4 of length, in ash, it fell over my lap - it does not hold well. The taste was bland. The draw was okay. It did looked very handsome but as stated above, I will pass up this cigar.
jdc in Los Angeles, CA October 19, 2012
Caridad Connecticut Robusto
"Good Cigar"
Just smoked one of these from the 20/20 bundle. Better than a lot of cigars at twice or three times the price. No complaints. Went great with my single malt on the rocks.
Possum in Riverside County CA June 6, 2012
Caridad Connecticut Robusto
"Stands out in a bad way"
It looked good and smelled okay. The draw was terrible, like sucking through a toilet paper tube, and the cigar started unraveling as I smoked it. It was part of a sampler, and the only bad one of the bunch.
Ted in Oregon April 15, 2012
Caridad Connecticut Robusto
"Nice mild stick."
I've read the negative and the positive reviews. The construction problems described did not occur in any of the 30 or so sticks I've smoked so far. The burn is even, the flavor is a mild butterscotch / leather and the robusto is a very nice, short smoke. It goes with a cup of coffee or if you're watching a movie and you're near the end, it's a pleasant ending. I have smoked better sticks, but paid four times as much for them. I've also paid more for other sticks and liked them much less. So these will join my rotation. And if anyone wants to be snobbish about a cheap cigar, that's fine with me. The price won't go up. ;o)>
Overworked in Pasadena May 25, 2010
Caridad Connecticut Toro
"A Wonderful midday cigar"
I ordered two singles of this cigar and was delighted at the result of pairing it with a strong cup of coffee. A difficult draw at the start. After the first inch or so is conquered it becomes a full bodied and smooth smoke. Delicious down to the nub. A wonderful bouquet that burns slowly and evenly and required no relights. A wonderful mid-day cigar.
Brian in Boston April 12, 2010
Caridad Connecticut Toro
"I like them"
I ordered the Toros and smoked one as soon as they arrived, right out of the box. I found it to be well constructed and burned just fine. They are mild but that is not a bad thing, the price was right for an everyday smoke. I didn't expect La Gloria Cabana's for this price
Cue in Huntington Beach March 11, 2010
Caridad Connecticut Toro
First I tried theTorpedo! First look and feel, not impressive. Bad construction! Flavor Good!!!! but when i try the TOROS,...WOW!!!!smooth, constant burn, easy draw and EXCELLENT flavour!!! Very pleasant!!!!Ordered more already!!!
chris in VA February 16, 2010
Caridad Connecticut Torpedo
"very good affordable smoke"
Sometimes find the wrapper loose even after being in the humidor a couple of weeks but all in all not a bad smoke for the price. Was pleasantly surprised when I first smoked one. Had to try something a little cheaper and will order again. For the price this cigar will not be beat.
Lance in Dacula, Ga. December 17, 2009
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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