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Caridad Connecticut Reviews

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Caridad Connecticut Toro
"Excelent smoke for the price."
I wasn't sure what type of smoke this would be, but was I surprised. This is a great medium smoke for everyday. I will definately buy these again. The draw is smooth and easy, and the taste is great. Burns just a little uneven, but nothing to gripe about. Great cigar!
WG in Louisiana December 16, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Toro
"Good smooth cigar"
This is a pretty good cigar,realy mild and smooth burns even and draws good.
Jose M V. in United States December 3, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Churchill
"beast 80cent cigar I ever had"
Best 80cent cigar I ever had - - really - - I bought 50 of them when Famous was running the deal. I thought at worst I would have to toss them out if they were bad. But... I'll smoke them and meanwhile keep my CAO's in the humidor. Everything about the cigar is good, except for the the taste, not real thrilled about it. But for the price! ! ! ! Buy 'em. they'll make you appreciate your good cigar even more.
andy d. in az October 23, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Toro
"Very nice!"
Right out of the box they were nice. But, After a few days in my Humibor they are awesome. As in one of the other reviews I did experience some canoeing. But, like I said. Put them in you humibor a few days and they get much better. For the price I don't see how you can go wrong. I have handed out a few to friends and they all loved them. I just ordered another box of Toros!
VH in Wisconsin October 20, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Torpedo
"Great Body...Nice Ash"
Happily surprised. It's an excellent very mild cigar to have with black coffee on the lanai listening to Sinatra. Also would be good for a lady. Very little after taste or lingering smell. All around great cigar for the price.
ang51 in Windermere, FL October 15, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Lonsdale
"Great Mild Smoke"
I'm pretty much a newbie to cigars, but this one is really great! It has a nice mild taste, and an aroma so pleasing that my wife even lets me smoke them in the house! Found them to be consistent, well made, easy on the draw, and even burning, I wish they came in a Corona or Petit Corona size, as the Lonsdales just take too long to smoke! Guess I'll just have to suffer thru 'em! <G> Will definitely buy more of these beauties.
John in Tacoma, WA September 23, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Churchill
"Not A Bad Everyday Burner"
I bought the Churchills and Torpedos. Except for recieving only 15 Churchills in my sealed box of 25 the Churchills are much better smokers than torpedos.
DubeDew in Maine July 18, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Churchill
"GR8 smoke"
Just opened the box and REALLY enjoyed the smooth mellow great taste made it my new fave
Brian in Mandeville La July 14, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Robusto
After 2 months in the humidor, the cigar swelled past the band and the wrapper barley came off. Removing the band also tore a hole in the leaf . The cigar burned with long runs down it's side and had to be re lit several times. Was happy to be done with the last one and would never order again even at the two for one rate I bought them at. They almost looked as if the were wet once and then dried from the bumps under the wrapper leaf and the inconsistent diameter down its length.
Dale in Wisconsin July 6, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Churchill
"smooth and pleasing"
the caridad is a very good all around enjoyable and smooth and a very relaxing cigar.
dennis in phx az June 29, 2009
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