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Caridad Connecticut Reviews

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Caridad Connecticut Lonsdale
"Excellent everyday cigar"
I've been smoking the Caridad Connecticut Lonsdale for some time and I am very fond of this cigar. Pricewise it is a great buy. It is a smooth even burning, easy drawing tasty smoke and I especially enjoy it outside with my morning coffee. I hope they never stop making this cigar. An outstanding value for your dollar.
Larry in North Olmsted Ohio June 6, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Torpedo
"This torpedo was terrific"
I wrote a bad review on the churchill 2 weeks ago. I smoked one of the torpedo's on a road trip in the truck today. It was terrific. Must be different batches??? Who knows.
Mark in S.Central, FL May 1, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Churchill
"fast burner"
got a 5 pack of these. Had one on the golf course this morning. Usually my smokes last 5-7 holes...7x50s etc. This lasted a hole and a half. Was it filled with wrapping paper?? avoid.
Mark in s.central fl. April 5, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Torpedo
"Never again"
I ordered 50 of these since they were on sale and now I give them away. I have been resonably happy with nearly all the cigars I've ordered from Famous Smoke with the exception of these. Poor draw, poor construction and less than average taste. I will never order them again. Only one out of five is decent enough to smoke. This is my biggest dissapointment in five years since I've been ordering cigars.
Scot in Burlington, KY February 7, 2009
Caridad Connecticut Robusto
"Terrible draw"
I have got one stick in sampler jf 26 different cigars. It was the worst one. The draw was so bad, that I could not try its taste. It seems it has no taste, I even thought it had stopped burning.
Alexandr in St. Petersburg, Russia December 30, 2008
Caridad Connecticut Toro
"Like 'em..."
I punched & burned one right after the UPS guy left and another the next afternoon. Right out of the box, what I got are well constructed and burn just fine. The stick has a good feel and will take my bite which might be harder than most. Not bland, with a real lite touch of spice. Maybe, there's a difference in taste if you punch these Toros instead of a cut. The 2nd one got cap-dipped in some Woodford Reserve prior to flame (all the better!) I'm still on The Quest for a daily stick at a decent price. This one has just made my short list.
Vectorer in Kalamazoo Tower November 16, 2008
Caridad Connecticut Churchill
"Cigars are Just Bad. $70.UP IN SMOKE"
Cigars are just so bad going back to JR CIGAR....
Gregory in cincinnati October 17, 2008
Caridad Connecticut Toro
"Super Mild"
Finished a box - these are extremely mild - to the point of is it lit ?. Construction of the wrapper is thin - paper thin at the band. Ripped more than not removing the band. Probably will not buy again.
Theposman September 30, 2008
Caridad Connecticut Toro
"Very Disappointed"
I have tried a box of Torpredos and a box of Toros. The Cigars are consistantly inconsistant!They got it right about the taste (it does go good with coffee)... but that's about all. The construction is horrible. If the cigar is not "canoeing", the ash is flaking all over. If you leave the stick alone for more than 3 minutes, it requires a re-light.
George in Painesville August 30, 2008
Caridad Connecticut Lonsdale
"Nice for the price"
I picked up a box of this on auction 04/30/08 for a good deal. Not thinking much of them I put the box in my cool-a-dor and forgot about them for a couple of months. Today I was looking for something different to smoke and saw my Caridad Lonsdale box just sitting there unopened so I pulled one out. The construction and appearance was good with a nice sleek look about them. I can’t speak much about consistency sense I’ve only smoke one while I write this but the draw was excellent. This is obviously a mild cigar and I got that from this one. Overall a good smoke with a good burn and mild flavor. If you can get these on auction for a discount its a good deal for the beginner or mild smoker!
Bill in Brandon, Fl June 13, 2008
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