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Caridad Sumatra Reviews

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Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"Slightly better than it's Con. wrapper counterpart"
Like I said, better than the Conn. Wrapper version, but that's not saying much. Veiny full of stems, inconsistent burn, loose ash...the only plus, it has a decent draw, and is not a TERRIBLE taste. Even at as a very economical smoke, there are much better choices out there.
Adam in TX January 27, 2013
Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"Nice draw and aroma"
Great aroma, taste, a great value. Burned even, easy to light. Consistent draw.
Brendan in Florida November 8, 2012
Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"Sore Throat"
Bought a box on sale a few years ago. I noticed that I would always have a sore throat after smoking... no I don't inhale.
Gregg C. in Tampa Bay, FL October 13, 2012
Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"Could find better"
As everyone states, it's a cigar worth smoking for the sake of smoking. No flavor at all. Definitely could find another smoke with ALOT more quality.
Mike in New Jersey November 28, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
These things taste absolutely disgusting... I think if i smoked hedge trimmings it would yield a more pleasurable experience. Regardless of price these things are horrible. If you want cheap smokes do yourself a favor and buy something like the SLR Rothschild
Nefarious in New York August 17, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"Don't waste your money"
Nice looking stick, but if you care about taste, don't waste your money. Very bitter taste, like tobacco that has already been smoked (if that is possible), and my hand smelled like a railroad tie after i was done. Would not even care to smoke these for free, but maybe if I were paid.
Frank J. in Santa Fe, NM August 12, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"Good Cheap smoke(everyday choice)"
With some humi time 2 days depending on the state of the wrapper, I agree this is worth the $1.48 it averaged out to. Excellent with a strong cup of colombian or French for those who don't like Colombian.
K.Johnson in Atlanta August 5, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"a $1 stick winner"
it's a decent mild smoke, a very good value at $1 or under. good as an everyday smoke, morning smoke or "fishing/yard" smoke. disregard those who diss this cigar; they are those who expect a $8 cigar at a $1 price point. don't buy these with that expectation and you will be happy.
pilote in parts unknown August 3, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"Great mild smoke"
Just smoked my first few sticks I think these are real good for what they are a very nice priced cigar, construction is very good, burn excellent and the ash held long and white to light grey, started out very toasty with oat and grass flavors slowly turnning to light woody notes, very nice after taste with lots of smoke. I have hundreds of fine cigars in my collection and love to seek out quality everyday clean flavor smokes for the fun of finding a few hidden gems, this is one, great for new smokers. I will buy more boxes they are really a great simple cigar what were the rest of you expecting for less than a buck a stick? Get real!! If you cannot judge a cigar by its value and individual taste stop reviewing cigars, you are giving these cigars a undeserved bad rep.
Ken in Sammamish Washington July 29, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"Boring and dry"
I bought these as my first full box a few months ago when I first started smoking daily. They are affordable but I now see that there is better quality at a low price out there. No taste, burns fast and inconsistent. Try something else.
Ken in Sammamish Washington July 29, 2010 in Raleigh, NC July 27, 2010
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