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Caridad Sumatra Reviews

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Caridad Sumatra Toro
"Just plain awful"
These were bitter, dry and had a terrible aftertaste.
Jim in Philadelphia July 26, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"dry and flaky"
bought two boxes thinking it was a good dea.. they are dry flaky and terrible...a better cigar for your dollar would be a mosaico...pass on these
Jim in Philadelphia July 26, 2010 July 25, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"just plain awfull"
had the conn wrapper, was ok, but these taste like dead grass rolled in something that is not a leaf. turned me off on all sumatra wrappers
steve in detroit July 24, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"Jut plain awfull"
Too nasty to smoke, hogs won't eat 'em.... what good are they at any price?
steve in abilene, tx July 14, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"Not bad for the money"
OK smoke for about $20 for a box of 25 cigars. Everyone I have smoked has had wrapper construction issues. However burn is OK, draw is good. Taste is mild. Gives plenty of smoke and stays lit without tending.
Pink Panther in California July 3, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"Great box of cigars for 17 bucks..."
Perfect cheap cigar for everyday smoking... no complaints here.
Dean in Athens, GA June 27, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"Would not buy these again"
Tasted terrible. Weak. I have to roll them between my fingers to get a good draw. Always comes apart just a little. Last a while, but the ash is inconsistent. I bought these on sale for 20$ and now they are on sale again to 16$. Not hard to figure out why. Spend your money elsewhere.
Pedro in San Diego June 17, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
Bad smoke. Low price is no deal.
Rich in Coraopolis June 8, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"GREAT cigar for the price"
it is my everyday smoke but tastes good enough to smoke on special occasions.
Rick in Parent June 6, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Churchill
"Good smoke at the closeout price"
I purchased these at the closeout pricing of $29.99 despite the rating and reviews. I was pleasantly surprised when I smoked my first one. At $1.20 a cigar for a Churchill I think they are a very good value. This is a mellow cigar and uncomplicated. It does have a slightly earthy taste. Not musty as others have said. It burned well and drew just fine. The wrapper is a little fragile and and cracked while smoking. I'll see if some time in the humidor will help this. All in all at $1.20 a cigar don't expect a $10.00 cigar. Bottom line is that they are a great value at the price and make for me a very good breakfast cigar with your coffee or tea.
Mike M in Leicester, NC April 7, 2010
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