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Caridad Sumatra Reviews

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Caridad Sumatra Toro
"I was very impressed."
For a newbie, this is an excellent cigar to begin with. I was excited to try one and was very impressed with the taste and the apperance.
Dustin in Water Valley January 29, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Robusto
"Maybe it's just me"
I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I like this cigar. I'm on my 3rd box and find them consistent in flavor, burn, draw and construction. I found them not bitter at all right out of the box. Don't get me wrong, it will never replace my Rocky Patels or Carlos Toranos, but for an "everyday smoke" I'd put these up against any cigar at twice the price. Trust me, at just over a buck a cigar, these are a must try.
David D in Worcester January 22, 2010
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"There are better sticks for the money"
Nice apperance but that is basically it. The draw is poor and the ones that did have a good draw burned poorly as they ran on me. Save your money!
steve s. in baltimore maryland October 8, 2009
Caridad Sumatra Churchill
"smooth earthy"
I have been smoking cigars steady now for about 5 yrs I found the Caridad sumatra to be one of the more enjoyable sticks I've had. I usually average 45 to 60 bucks on a box so when I saw the price I was a little skeptical and very shocked. Over all it is a very enjoyable and very smooth stick, I like that I can not stand overbearing taste, it has a VERY easy draw and easy to light. I am sure after a few days it the humidor they will only improve. Thanx Famous another good buy.
Lee in Philadelphia Pa September 24, 2009
Caridad Sumatra Toro
LEO in PA September 17, 2009
Caridad Sumatra Toro
"Pretty good deal!"
I don't why these got such a bad rap by a few customers. I am very pleased with this purchase. Easy draw, long ash, nice consistent taste with a hint of coffee from start to finish.
Gary in Pittsburgh September 14, 2009
Caridad Sumatra Lonsdale
"Good solid bargin"
Bought two boxes and was pleased with the over all quality of these cigars. Fair to good out of the box. Mellows well in a well maintained humidor. I suspect the negative reviews are from those that were looking for a top notch cigar for a buck or two. Nevertheless will purchase again. A good handout cigar at the local piano bar.
Jim M in Oak Creek, WI August 27, 2009
Caridad Sumatra Lonsdale
"Won at Auction"
Won a box on auction luckily lower then cost if ordered. Based on the reviews I've read I was a little worried they would be trash. They are a smaller size then I usually enjoy which is why I wanted to try them. Well, I guess the bad reviews are to throw everyone off. I found them to be very good. They burn evenly with a long white ash. They have a taste of leather, and no after taste. The smoke they give off is remarkable. I still prefer my 50 and bigger rings but this box will certainly be enjoyed. May actually order them right from the catalog.
BParatore in USA August 9, 2009
Caridad Sumatra Churchill
"Terrible just Terrible"
i bought these to get started into cigar smoking bad idea a bit hard on the draw , a pain to get and keep lit. try something else to get started on.
Charles July 27, 2009
Caridad Sumatra Churchill
Probably the worst cigar I've ever smoked..Out of a box of 25, 15 were plugged.The wrapper was junk. A very poorly made cigar.
Tim in Woodville July 13, 2009
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