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Carinos Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Some good, some bad"
Smoked half a box of the churchill maduros. A few of the cigars have been pretty good with some dark chocolate and spice flavors. The rest have tasted 'artificial' with hint of mineral/chemical on the palate. My first guess is bad binder glue?
Chris in Oregon October 23, 2011
"My new daily smoker"
These are now my new daily smoker
M Weatherly in Texas May 9, 2009
"Hate to say how much I like them"
Ive been buying these now for about three months and still getting them cheap on auction ,I hate to say how much I enjoy them and at less then 2 bucks a stick how can I go wrong Please fellas keep on not buying so I can
Gimp in Tampa ,Fla October 8, 2008
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10 Construction (73) 100
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