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Carinos Reviews

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Carinos Robusto
"The pleasure was all mine"
Interesting smoke. I enjoyed this stick and now I have a box in my humidor and life is beautiful.
Mr. Blues in Central MN October 24, 2013
Carinos Corona
"El Sucko"
I have no idea why this cigar got a 93 rating. I've smoked cigars at half the price of these that were 100 times better. The burn is poor, the taste is dry and burns your tongue, Very disappointed is putting it nicely.
Brad in Utah September 11, 2013
Carinos Robusto
"Great Cigar"
The cigar doesnt only taste great it also looks great and you get a wonderful draw
walter jones in rockville,IN August 21, 2013
Carinos Corona
Bought these cigars based on the rating. Cigars looks and smell good. Only first cigar was great, 5 others burn very bad, draw was tight. Had to puff every 10 seconds or burn it again. Extremely disappointed.
Andrey in Blairstown, NJ August 11, 2013
Carinos Robusto
"Good smoke, had better worse."
Had the natural. Good smoke, amazing draw. It's not amazing, and I've had better for cheaper, I've also had much worse. Definitely recommend.
Josh in Alabama April 11, 2013
Carinos Robusto 5 Pack
"Not one complaint from me"
Iv'e been smoking this line from Senior Nestor P. for some time now and I can't remember ever having any issues with them, that goes for all sizes and shapes etc... I think I keep maybe a half dozen or so in my 'everyday humidor.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation (Rez) Wisconsin December 11, 2012
Carinos Robusto
"Pleasantly surprised"
Got two of these in a sampler and let them rest for 6 weeks. although I see recent bad reviews, I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised w/ this one. Easy draw and not harsh at all. Burn needed correcting a few times...but no biggie.
MD in NJ November 25, 2012
Carinos Corona
I got one of these in a sampler pack and gave it a try yesterday after it settled in my humidor for about 6 months. A nice looking cigar but it appears to be a fake maduro - you know, coloured, since I wet the end and it left stains on my hands. I did that because when I trimmed it, the inside looked rather light. On the flavour side - nothing bad, just not interesting as it could be.
Joe in Ottawa Canada June 23, 2012
Carinos Toro
"Good flavor!"
For a two-dollar stick, these are very nice. Not the top teir by any means, but the maduro is very close. You can get them for $40 a box, and have an excellent every-day stick!
Steve in WV March 25, 2012
Carinos Toro
"The Worst Around"
The Worst Cigar Not Worth The Money
Stephen in Virginia January 2, 2012
La Floridita Fuerte
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