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Carinos Reviews

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Carinos Corona
"the best house brand yet"
I've smoked these in various sizes - all maduro - and just can't fault them. They outperform many of the famous names too.
roy.r in UK August 29, 2011
Carinos Robusto
"Carinos Natural very good"
Just finished one in the natural wrapper today and it was very tasty. Smooth, creamy, and I much prefer this one to the maduro version.
Dave C in SC, USA August 22, 2011
Carinos Robusto
"just as described"
Description right on target! Burnt just a little uneven...nothing too bad tho. Ash mostly white. Enjoyed it... reminds me of the Flor de Oliva maduro very much. Got mine in the sampler.
mark in tyler tx August 13, 2011
Carinos Robusto
This cigar was characterized by a burnt-wood sort of flavor with some leather. When the smoke first hit my palate with each draw, it felt like it would be strong and thick on the finish - like an El Cobre or LFD Double Ligero. But it doesn't happen, finish is medium strength at best and rather short. Not an unpleasant cigar, but due to the burnt flavor not one I'd be inclined to smoke often.
Dave C. in SC August 1, 2011
Carinos Churchill
Good construction and draw. Flavor starts off mild and turns into vegetal notes by midway. First three inch is pretty nice, after that time to toss.
Chris in Oregon June 18, 2011
Carinos Corona 5 Pack
"((( Interesting Cigar )))"
The Carinos Corona, is a medium bodied cigar, that sports a nut brown, colored warper, with some vains. The cigar is well made, although the ash burns loose, and jagged. For a cigar of this size, it puts out a great volumes of smoke. Upon lighting the cigar, it's taste is flinty, and harsh. Thought the first half of the burn, notes of oak, and black coffee, were present in the nose. Though out the second half, notes of black pepper became prevalent on the pallet, and in the nose. Nearing the end of the smoke, this corona remained woody, with notes of vanilla, coming through on the pallet, and in the nose, to complete an interesting corona. --Note-- I believe this cigar may benefit from extra time spent in the humidor. The approximate burn time for this cigar, is 120 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10, I''d rate this corona 6
Robb Hughes in Michigan May 20, 2011
Carinos Robusto
A strong 'medium' smoke. I typically smoke mild and medium cigars and this was one of the most potent (nicotine) I've ever smoked. Flavor was more earthy, with lots of spicy pepper. Construction and draw was good. If you're used to a mild smoke, this will give you a buzz.
Chris in Oregon April 29, 2011
Carinos Toro
"Decent smoke"
I have to agree with Carl in Clackamas. First one out of the box was terribly harsh and I was ready to send them back. Instead I put them in my humidor and a week later the harshness was gone. Flavor isn't the best I've had, but it is ok. Everything else about this cigar is top notch, especially the burn and draw.
Gregg in Gillette, WY April 20, 2011
Carinos Robusto
"Love 'em"
Got a couple in a sampler, liked them a lot. Bought a box. Creamy, flavorful smoke. Best I've found, and at a reasonable price.
Ted in New Jersey April 13, 2011
Carinos Robusto
"Not bad. Not bad at all."
Better than I expected based on the ugly wrapper. Nice flavor, nice aroma, good burn and draw.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI October 17, 2010
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