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Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"strong, eventually harsh"
en cedro, nice faint pre-light aroma, beautiful multicolored deep brown wrapper, aged (wrapper and ring slide right off) medium to heavy draw, huge amounts of thick, strong smoke. Thick, densely packed, solid cigar. The smoke gets steadily harsher, with the nicotine covering up the flavor. Perhaps after the taste buds are deadened by hundreds of cigars, this is a crescendo which is enjoyable. For me, it is not.
Overworked01 in CA May 28, 2006
"Tasty cigar"
Perfect draw and constuction,with an interesting complex flavor, I really enjoyed these.
Fred in Panajachel, Guatemala December 4, 2005
I've been getting these through the 5-pack auctions. Initially, I thought they were really great, but the last two packs have had serious construction issues, with the bottom half of the cigar flaking off or tearing away. Still, over the overall smoke is okay, but I'm less pleased this time around...
Mike Stewart in Chicago White Sox! November 5, 2005
"A great Cigar"
I have only been smoking cigars for around a year. And I have spent this year trying many diffrent cigars and this is one of the best I have tried. It is full but one of the creamest and smoothest on the market. I have since built a display humidor and this is promidently displayed in it,
Jay W in Marietta Georgia October 2, 2005
"Simply a great stick!"
My goodness, but this was a great cigar. The draw, burn, and ash were just lovely. The flavor and aromas were terrific and had lovely nuances throughout. I would like to recommend it with a nice glass of 10 year-old Kopke Port. Highly recommended!
Jason in Louisiana May 28, 2005
"Disappointing effort from Torano"
I am an avid Cameroon smoker, a fan of the Torano brand, and a 5.5 x 52 cigar is my favorite size. I was looking for a cheaper an more readliy available smoke to my usual Partagas and Upmann. However, this stick was nowhere near on that level. Granted, it looked great and burned well, but the flavor is where this one suffered. It's not bad, mind you - it just lacked the spice and depth I am used to from other Cameroon cigars. Try the Don Tomas Cameroon - very spicy on the palate, it burned great leaveing a bone-white ash behind, and its cheaper. If you want to stick w/ the Torano line, the 1959 Silver Edition (w/ a Criollo wrapper) is a better choice than the 1916. The 1916 is overrated.
Russell Swigart in Columbus, OH February 20, 2005
Excellent appearance, draw and nice white ash. The first 1/3rd of it is probably the closest to the Cubans of all Toranos. After this it turns very Nicaraguan. Yet it is obvious that the Toranos are some of the nicest looking cigars around.
Cristian Boerean in Resita(RO) January 20, 2005
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10 Construction (88) 100
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