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Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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I've tried these cigars 4 or 5 times, because I thought the flavor, or what I could taste of it, was good. But everyone I bought the draw were so bad I could get almost no smoke.
jack in san antonio July 19, 2010
"Mediocre smoke....."
Liked the size. Disliked veiny wrapper, draw , brittle cap and hard, rock-like feel to this cigar. This cigar had been in my humidor for 7 weeks and was STILL DRY and Brittle. Above all, this smoke was so tasteless I almost forgot why I was smoking it . It was MILD though...
Steven in Sunrise, Fl. July 1, 2009
"Cameroon Champion"
I don't think there's a cameroon-wrapped cigar I haven't tried. I've been looking for a replacement for the Perdomo La Tradicion Cameroon Reserve--my favorite, now discontinued. I found it in this cigar: it has all the hallmarks of a great cameroon-wrapped smoke--wonderful baking spices aroma, subtle spice--with enough oomph in the filler to keep it rich & interesting, but never overpowering. And the price is just killer. If you like cameroon, try this cigar--one of the best in the Torano stable.
Sean in Charleston, WV March 21, 2009
"Absolute Pleasure"
I let this rest in my humidor for about a month before smoking it. I can't say enough about this cigar, presentation is beautiful, the flavor is unmatched, burn is even and develops a long clingy ash, definitely will keep this one in the humidor
David in Denver, Co April 20, 2008
"Very Good but needs Strenght"
Well made,great wrapper,a little weak for me,expected more Cameroon taste also,overall good. If the company brings up the strenght to full trottle no cigar will beat it,no cigar.
Andrew in Bklyn,NY March 5, 2007
"All-day smoke, but needs some humidor time"
Quite a fistful. Definitely set aside at least 2 hours for this smoke. The good: long burn. Very good albeit tight construction. including nice ash. Draw was a bit tight. The bad: Seems a bit green/harsh for a Cameroon. I often smoke darks/maduros, and also various Cameroons, and this was pretty strong for the latter, and even the former. If you're expecting a Partagas, A. Fuentes, or CAO type Cameroon, think again. Hopefully, a couple months of humidor time will mellow them a bit.
Doc Arnold in Reno. NV September 21, 2004
"What a steal!"
This torpedo will stand up to the best of them. Super smooth draw, good medium strength, even burn, lasts about 1:30-1:45. Smoked it to the nub. This cigar will be a hard one to find once people experience it. I always buy my smokes at Famous, however Payless Cigars are pricing these at around 76.00 for a box of 25. Famous isn't even close to that price. I e-mailed them with no response. I'll put this cigar up against the cubans any day. ENJOY!
Jimmy G. in St. Louis June 27, 2004
"Very good flavorful smoke"
I found this cigar to have a easy draw, ash was silver gray and tight. 1st third had a lot of flavor, mellowed slightly, smooth finish.
Ike Brown in Deadwood, Dakota Ter. January 28, 2004
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