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Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Reviews

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Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Robusto 5 Pk
"Best of the Exodus Cigars"
Of the exodus line, this is the best. Deep, dark and complex flavors. A little too spicy and leathery towards the finish, but complex and balanced. Has more depth and balance than the regular exodus 1959 gold. Reminds me of the RP OWC flavor profile, but with maduro mixed in. Great smoke.
Steve in Virginia November 20, 2011
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Robusto
Delectable from beginning to finish,even burn all the way, nice gray ash held on for about 2 inches.Beautiful appearance and construction. After tasting one from a triumph pack i bought a box.A home run for Carlos Trano !!!
Joe in Freehold N.J. February 22, 2011
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Robusto
"Very suprised!"
Wow, got one of these in a sampler, it was astounding! Nothing about this stogie disappointed from beginning to end!
Jack in Sulphur,LA January 9, 2011
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Robusto
"Excellent cigar"
While I enjoy both the gold and silver versions of the Torano 1959, this new 50 year addition to their portfolio is delicious, too. I hesitatated to buy any of these, as Brazilian wrappers aren't usually my cup of tea. On the wrong cigar, namely one that isn't blended to de-emphasize the wrapper and bring together a good combination of tastes, Brazilian wrappers tend to taste bitter and dry to me, with little or no finish. However, when made part of a well-blended cigarf, such as this one, the wrapper concern melts away for me. I liked these enough that, after buying a fiver, I ran to order a box of the short churchills. Chalk up yet another fine cigar from the folks at Torano.
pacman357 in Seattke July 18, 2010
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Short Churchill
"Excellent A"
The Exodus 1959 50 Yr Churchill is an incredible smoke! I have smoked a lot of different cigars, and for me, Torano still rises to the top. This holds true for this cigar as well. A single punch in the cap yields lots of tasty smoke with an easy draw. The burn is even with a greyish, white ash that hung on for about two inches at the beginning. The overall construction looked flawless to me. If you like strength and flavor of the original 59 gold, then this will be a step above that. I would pair this with a good ale, stout, or even a DiSaronno on the rocks and call it an afternoon. You can't go wrong with this one!
Kevin R. in Yorkville, IL May 27, 2010
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Torpedo
"Top notch"
The Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Torpedo, rich full flavors, although not overpowering. Coffee, spice, leather and a mild sweet after taste that lingers just long enough. A great after dinner smoke.
K. Vito B. in San Francisco, Ca. April 29, 2010
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Short Churchill
It's everything I want in a cigar. Fantastic flavor, great burn, loads of thick "chewy" smoke and a finish that makes you want more.
mfm in Howell, MI February 2, 2010
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Robusto
"The Best Exodus Out There"
This cigar features the consistently excellent construction that is common with Torano cigars. As with the gold band, the copper band is a medium body cigar, but the wrapper takes the flavor to a whole new level. This is the kind of cigar you can crave all day, and it has not disappointed me yet. For those that are fans of the Exodus 1959, this stick is a must-have. I would recommend this smoke to anyone looking for a great maduro cigar.
Matt in Pensacola, FL January 30, 2010
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