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Carlos Torano Exodus Silver 1959 Robusto Corto Reviews [view details]

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As a long time fan of Torano, I could not pass up the 3 box lot on the auction site. Nobody else wanted them. A mild to medium smoke that is truly worthy of the silver label that is wrapped around it. They have lots of flavor and are buttery smooth. If you like the Casa Torano, you'll love these. Peace
Managuamark in San Antonio September 21, 2006
"Over all not a bad cigar"
Nice taste, good aroma, uneven burn on most I have smoked.
Ed in NY July 19, 2006
"Too Perfect"
This is like the perfect date. But, is this a girl you want to have a lasting relationship with? This one will make you buy all new furniture and worry about the toilet seat being up or down. Where is the personality in this cigar? Try a cigar that is willing to take some chances. Don't get me wrong, this is an excellent cigar in every way; but it's just a little too perfect for my taste.
nightjoe in Idaho May 26, 2006
"Carlos Torano Exodus Silver Robusto"
I tried numerous 5-packs in 2005 and This cigar is in my opinion the Cigar of the year for '05!The flavor is very rich, with cedar and bursts of citrus! The criollo wrapper makes your mouth water and you'll wish that cigar never burns out!
Ed Sellers in Ca. January 10, 2006
"What a great buy!"
I actually hesitate to say how much I really love these smokes for fear of driving the price up on the auction site, but I also feel a duty to let others know how good these are. I like a fuller bodied cigar, and these really measure up in my book.
jeff l in Grandville, MI September 27, 2005
"This is an OK cigar, but"
This cigar had a short ash, that was more black than white. It has a strong flavor, which gets stronger towards the end. Construction was not the best, it started to burn unevenly in the middle and went out.
HughS in FW, Texas October 9, 2004
"Another quality line from Torano"
Good burn with a nice draw and strong ash. A very affordable good choice for an everyday smoke.
Mark in Greer, South Carolina September 11, 2004
"wow, another hit from Carlos Torano"
This is the second time I have tried something new from them this year. First box was the Signature. They were great. This box is just as good, but different. Just like the Sigs, they have flawless construction. They are rolled perfect and PACKED with tobacco but draw and burn like a dream. Medium bodied with light spice and and earthy aroma. VERY highly recommended. Torano is making some of the best cigars out of Nicaragua bar none.
Mike Vella in San Diego April 15, 2004
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10 Construction (90) 100
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