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Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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This is a fantastic cigar. I have smoked many highly rated cigars, and this one competes with all of them. Great construction, lots of thick smoke, smooth but with lots of flavor and punch. I rate this one up there with the Rocky Patel Decades, the Tatuajes, and the rest.
Rob in California August 6, 2008
"Ending was a big let down"
I smoked the first half of this cigar and was very was everything I was expecting and more. I did not have enough time to finish the second half so I saved it for later. Later that evening, I was really looking forward to finishing this one, because with most cigars that are my faves (Rocky Patel Vintage '90, for instance) the last 1/3 of the cigar is usually the best and I hate to put it out...but boy, did I get a surprise here! I found the last 1/3 of this to be just awful! Tasted like grass and left a nasty aftertaste...a huge let down!
Jon in New Jersey October 3, 2007
"My new favorite!!"
While theres not a whole lot I can say that the other commenters haven't already said, just wanted to say that I loved this one a whole lot- lots of flavor, not harsh at all. I had been looking for an affordable smoke with a fuller flavor like this,and it delivered. Might I add another bargain that I was impressed with recently: the Don Thomas Classico is a $4.00 medium- bodied smoke that blew me away.
Jon in New Jersey October 2, 2007
"Pretty nice smoke for the $"
Got one of these in a sampler, and I enjoyed looking at it soo much it took me several weeks to finally break down and smoke it. (I'm a sucker for box pressed smokes.) The wrapper looks nice and oily and chocolately. The flavor is square in the medium category and has very light peppery tones. Very short but nice finish.
bthek in Albuquerque, NM April 16, 2007
"What a find!"
I picked up one of these in a free sampler. Not expecting much, I just shoved it in the humidor and forgot about it. Well, I wanted to make room for the next new box of my favorites and this blew me away. I usually smoke Romeo & Julieta Maduro Reserve or the 1875's, but I think I have a new alternate now.
Mark in Tampa. FL April 10, 2007
"A disappointing cigar"
I am a fan of Carlos Toranos cigars therfore I was disappointed after waiting with much anticipation to try the Exodus 1959 boxed pressed torpedo. While contruction, appearance, draw, ash, and consistency are important, to me taste is of the greatest importance. After properly toasting the foot of the cigar and then lighting it off I was greeted with a harsh fairly acrid taste. This continued through the first third of the cigar. The remainder of the cigar produced a taste of sharp spice and harsh wood tones leaving a chalky finish on the palate. I usually smoke the Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta torpedo, in my estimation they are the best of the Carlos Torano line.
R. Tully in CA November 24, 2006
"Torpedo Magnifico"
Smokes like a $10+ cigar, and is worth 3X it's price at Famous Smoke. Rich, tasty, and a perfect smoke for after dinner, afternoon or anytime. Total cigar enjoyment!
George Rodecker in NY September 2, 2006
"Great Cigar for a Great Price"
This cigar was one of the first cigars I ever smoked. For years I tried many different brands of smokes, some good, some bad. I would always come back to this wonderful burning, chocolate tasting, coffee aroma Torpedo. A MUST HAVE !!!!!!
Fred in Miami, FL. February 22, 2005
"The Best for the $"
Carlos Torano is THE BlendMaster of Cigars in my opinion. I was introduced to a Carlos Torano 1959 Exodus (double corona) by ordering a "variety pack" to broaden my horizons and the Torano was one of them. Now,,,, thats pretty much all I smoke. From start to finish; even burn, smooth draw, silky-cocoa taste. Exquisite!
Scott V in Valrico, Fl December 30, 2004
"A lot of cigar for the money"
I have smoked all the Carlos Toranos, and the Exodus 1959 Torpedo is the most satisfying. A full-bodied stick, for sure, but "mouth watering" truly describes its complex and lasting flavors. Give yourself lots of time to enjoy this big smoke.
Bob Dibble in Bishop, CA August 16, 2004
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