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Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Fantastic Torano cigar"
I bought a box of these wonderful cigars that came with 4 free Torano cigars and a huge ashtray. I was actually expecting a small ashtray when I looked at the picture, I was wrong because it is very large. The ashtray is made of ceramic, I just hope after heavy use that it does not crack using hot cigars on it like the glass ones. What an awesome promotion they are having right now on these Torano cigars. I liked their promotion so much that I bought a 2nd box of cigars on a separate order so I can take advantage of the deal that they are having. I think it s the best promotion of the month. Be sure to sure to check out their coupons section on the website because if you spend a certain amount then you can some free sample cigars. This cigar is a box pressed cigar with superior wrapper. The taste is like a little peppery borderline coffee taste. Sometimes you don t taste the coffee taste. Nice aroma and it feels nice holding a box pressed cigar. Very tightly packed with excellent draw. I have never had any issues with a Torano 1959 gold cigar. Very reasonably priced considering above average quality in this cigar. The Torano family has won my respect in the cigar world.
Steve in Hagerstown April 10, 2014
Does anyone else have issues with the burn of this stick? ive smoke 3 out of the 5 i purchased and all 3 have burned worse than any other cigar ive ever smoked.
kevin in nj April 7, 2014
"Top 1st draw"
I take great joy in burning my way through the local humidors. Now I know why. my new official once a week savoring. I started this review based on the first 1/3 rd alone. The look of this stick was impressive and the taste matches it draw after draw.
Steve in Rural Houston July 27, 2013
"not that great"
Well constructed. but thats about it. Left these in my humidor for a month or more and pulled one out today. Harsh tobacco flavor and thats about it. I stopped after about 1/2 and the only reason I made it that far was thanks to a dram of Scotch. I'm gonna throw these into an infusing tub with Amaretto and Vanilla and see if I can't add something tasty to this cigar. Not sure how it got a 93 as it is.
Ian in Columbus,OH May 20, 2012
"Somewhat Disappointed"
I usually purchase a box every year or so as they are in my rotation of the ten or so brands that I smoke. After recieving my recent purchase of three different boxes, I let them set in my humidor for about a month so they could settle in. I am about halfway through the box of Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Torpedo's. while the flavor of the cigars is very good the construction is not up to what you would expect of a cigar of this price and rating. My cigars are very weak on fill and about ten of the last thirteen burn very unevenly. I smoke them on the links and while doing light yardwork so I am not hard on them. Next time in rotation I will order a five pack and if they have not improved they will be out of my rotation. A lot of great cigars out there for $100.00 plus a box smokes.
Ronald in San Antonio, Texas October 13, 2011
"Viva la Carlos"
No matter the blend, Carlos Torano cigars are among the finest, tastiest cigars you can buy. When I'm at a cigar shop and can't decide on a cigar to smoke, I go for a Torano. The exodus 59 topedo is the best overall size for this blend. Right from the start it has an exceptional taste, the construction is a 98 along with the burn, draw and appearance. Mucho Yummy.
Mark Reimer in St Paul MN July 9, 2011
"My favorite smoke"
This is my "go to" smoke. My favorite of all smokes. I love them after about six weeks in the humidor but it's really hard to smoke something else to let them cure. CT Signatures are also very good smokes. I just love Carlos Torano cigars even the lighter wrappers are OK but I really love the darker wrapper. Much flavor of dark coco and roasted coffee. Just a great medium flavor cigar.
Matt in Atlanta, Georgia February 16, 2010
"Is this the perfect every day smoke?"
I bought a box of these with a box of higher-rated torpedoes (which will remain nameless). The Toranos are gone and all but two of the other brand remain. Smooth, consistent, great flavor. Best buy I've made in a long time. An absolute steal at the price. My new favorite, go-to cigar.
Larry D. in Mojave Desert, CA August 10, 2009
"One of the Best for the Money"
This is one of the best values in the cigar world. An incredibly tasty delight. Full flavor is tempered by a cool burning stick and a delicious wrapper. The price point for these cigars is amazing, considering the quality and taste. This cigar is truly a 94.
Steven in West Palm Beach January 8, 2009
"One of the Best"
Trying this cigar soon after beginning has spoiled me, now I compare every stick I smoke to them. Most others come a bit short. I have not smoked a better cigar near this price. It has a nice med-full flavor, with hints of coffee and spice. The last 2 inches this cigar finishes nicely, as the spice kicks up a bit. Wonderful paired with a margarita, or just a beer. Great after dinner watching a sunset.
Jeff in Pensacola, FL August 10, 2008
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10 Consistency (92) 100
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10 Draw (92) 100
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10 Construction (95) 100
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