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Carlos Torano Exodus Silver 1959 Robusto Corto Reviews [view details]

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"great cigar"
GREAT cigar. had great flavor. burned even till the end. Will be buying more.
in wisconsin August 19, 2014
"Torano disappoints again"
Terribly loosely packed and burning hot. If you can manage to puff these at a very slow pace you ll find a Cameroon-like flavor profile similar to the 1916 but much milder, and smooth on the retrohale -- not worth the effort though.
Stefan in City by the Bay April 9, 2014
"Hot %26 Nasty"
I picked up a few 5pks from the monster on sale on only customer reviews. I can see why now. They have been in the humi for a month. I guess to be fair I should let them rest a few more months.
Gary K in Walnut Creek,CA October 22, 2013
Great burn and draw but the flavor was absolutely horrible. Worst cigar I have ever tasted... I struggled through half of the cigar before tossing it. I thought it may have been a bad cigar... Gave another one a shot and the same issue arose. Horrible taste.
Daniel in Concord, CA August 23, 2013
"Carlos Torano Exodus Silver 1959 Robusto Corto"
It was an ok cigar the first inch was little flavor but as it warmed up it had a creamy chocolaty taste. As far on construction about half way the wrapper split, it had a bulge just behind the burning part but then it went away and I smoked the rest with no problems. It burned ok for the most part, it got off but corrected itself. I would say a fair everyday smoke.
L in Fremont Ne. April 20, 2013
"One Word....."Bad""
have had 5 of these resting in my humi for 2months and couldn't wait to try. Unfortunately, the stellar reviews were far from what I was looking for in a cigar. Burn, consistency, draw, appearance...no problems there...but the taste...Bad. To me it tasted like a cigarette ashtray smells...and I'm not sure anyone could enjoy that! No Chocolaty, creamy flavor...at all...as referred to by others. Will let the other 4 rest w/ the hopes that they go thru some sort of transformation. Will not buy again.
MD in NJ March 2, 2013
"Smooth %26 Creamy"
Received the robusto as part of a sampler. Fired it up with a couple of local craft beers and it was nothing short of delightful. Not very complex, but the mild floral hints made for a nice tasting smoke that was easily taken down to a nub. Burned evely with a firm ash. I look forward to stashing more of these in my humidor.
USMC Airborne in Grand Rapids, MI July 11, 2012
"u get what u pay for"
rolled either too tight or too loose. Leaf wrapper disintegrated on both cigars I smoked. U get what u pay for disappointed
in July 1, 2012
Excellent cigar! Long on complexity, chocolaty, very floral with plenty of earth and leather notes. Burn was even, and consistent throughout. Even my 8 year old noticed the difference and he doesn't generally like cigar smoke.
brandon in chico, CA June 20, 2012
"Great cigar for the money"
Torano are consistently very good. I'm very surprised to see anyone with a disappointing experience unless their Humidor is not kept optimal, these should always be good.
Todd in Chicago June 1, 2012
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