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Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Reviews

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Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Torpedo
"very good smoke"
I thought it was full strength myself. There was nothing mild about it, and i certainly dont mean that in a bad way. A very good smoke from start to finish. Not too harsh after you got used to it. Also, have a nice single malt with this stick. Of course I say that about every smoke.
mike in east rochester December 6, 2007
Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Robusto
These are are wonderful! This has been a "go-to" cigar for me and my buddy for 2 years now. They all burn evenly and have an outstanding flavor. Have never had a problem with these ever and we have gone through about 4 boxes now. (I wish they came without the glass tubes) but whatever!! Outstanding cigar from the Torano family!
G. Morgan in KS January 20, 2007
Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Tin (10)
"a fine tasting small cigar"
Overall a fine tasting small cigar. several were almost impossible to draw on. After 2 tins I will make this my in between smoke
joe stracco in pennsylvania September 21, 2006
Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Torpedo
"Super cigar"
These have become my favorite cigar, great taste,good construction and perfect draw. After finishing 10 out the box I highly recommend them.
Fred in Panajachel, Guatemala May 7, 2006
Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Churchill
"nice smoke - had better"
This cigar is rated "mild", it is more medium to full. The burn is good,somewhat uneven. The draw is excellant. The construction could be better for what it cost. The taste is good, with sweet notes of spice and chocolate. I have had better for less money. Arturo Fuente 858 maduro for one.I would buy more if they were less expensive.
Bruce in Wickliffe, Ohio November 8, 2005
Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Torpedo
"a pleasure to the palate"
I bought four of these to take along on a recent get together that is yearly event. This trip is with three lifelong friends held at a cabin on Mt.Hood . We shoot skeet during the day and at night kick back in front of a fire with libations and cigars. Me being the cigar fanatic bring the sticks for all to enjoy. Well this year i brought the Torano Reserva selecta, it was a great choice everyone absolutly loved them. These sticks are a work of art to look at and smoke even better. They burn dead even , draw was perfect and produced billows of creamy smoke. The aroma was divine, the flavor was mild , creamy, with hints of coffe, and cocoa. The cigar keep getting smoother the farther down it burned. It was a real treat I give it a 9 out of 10.
gary m in Medford Or. October 17, 2005
Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Robusto
"Deliciously Rich Full Bodied Cigar"
The Reserva Selecta Robusto Maduro is a superbly rich full bodied cigar that is <B>PACKED</B> with flavors of dark roasted coffee, sweet cream and chocolate. It has a strong cedar backbone with the initial light-up that mellows out very quickly to powerful spices, sweet cream, dark roasted coffee, rich chocolate and caramel. It is a rich and delicious cigar suitable for both experienced and new smokers. The finish in perticular is velvety smooth with flavors of cream and rich chocolate cake, <B>Superb!</B>
Brian White in Vallejo, CA July 13, 2005
Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Torpedo
I got my hands on one of these at a Torano promo in Cincinnati a few nights ago, and, well, WOW!! I always have the Torano Signature maduro in my humidor, but this one is a totally different animal. Although I typically don't get too caught up in fancy pacakging, this one looks awesome with the purple collar sealed up in the cedar lined tube. I love tubos - although you pay a premium for them, I find that they are unrivaled in terms of consistency from stick to stick. This one had the Torano quality I am familiar with, but it was very sweet and mild/medium compared to the Signature. Torano "Thumbs up" - Signature, Silver Exodus, Reserva Selecta Maduro "Thumbs down" - 1916 Cameroon (and I typically love Cameroons), 1959 Exodus
RS in Columbus, OH May 5, 2005
Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Torpedo
I usually don't write reviews, but this cigar rates it!! Everything about this cigar, is as advertised in the write up Famous does, and more! I smoke Montecristo #2's (Torpedo) for my special occasion smoke, but as soon as the humidor is empty of these, guess what will replace them!! The packaging is excellent, (the glass tube being a bonus, if you don't smoke them all at once, which is tempting) The wrapper is flawless, aroma of the stick devine and taste is heavenly, all the way to the burnt fingers!! Nice white ash, and even burn! It is a mild to medium smoke, but even a person who enjoys a full bodied cigar would enjoy these, as I have!!!!!!!!!!! My hat off to Carlos and the Torano family!! You have struck gold! I have smoked Toranos off and on for about 4 years, and this is absolutely the best!! Oh yeah, it even complimented the 3 fingers of Johnnie Walker Blue Label SUPERBLY!! (The label and the band even match!!) LOL
MacMarine in Las Vegas April 12, 2005
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