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Carlos Torano Signature Reviews

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Carlos Torano Signature Churchill
"Great cigar"
Great tasting cigar. Very nice and even burn. Put this on my favorites list.
Roger in Canyon, Tx September 21, 2013
Carlos Torano Signature Robusto
"A pleasant smoke......"
A very nice medium bodied smoke with lots of spiciness and a smooth finish....
Robert in Oklahoma September 11, 2013
Carlos Torano Signature Robusto
"Taste like the Lacquer Box"
The draw was great,Good after you get passed the lacquer taste. Cheesy box, looks counterfeit Smell of box gets into cigars!
LonnieA in Florida August 5, 2013
Carlos Torano Signature Robusto
"To the Nub!"
This smoke was delicious, recommend eating a fish meal.
Alerto Carlos in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
Carlos Torano Signature Robusto
"A very good smoke."
Mild to medium not a full body, good draw plenty of cool smoke. a consistent burn, strong ash.
John in NYC July 29, 2013
Carlos Torano Signature Churchill
"Great Cigar"
Is a great smoke all the way through.
Michael Damiano in Balt, Maryland June 9, 2013
Carlos Torano Signature Torpedo 5 Pack
Great cigar from top to bottom. Great taste-even burn and good construction. Would recommend for everyone to try.
Sarky in MA April 30, 2013
Carlos Torano Signature Toro
"Poor Construction and inconsistant"
I was excited to get a good deal on these cigars from Famous. I have smoked other Torano lines and have enjoyed most of them. This cigar is medium bodied and easy to smoke. Flavor is good. The problem is that the cigars are unwrapping when I smoke them. My humidors are at the proper humidity and I don't have this problem with my other cigars. While the other aspects are good, it really ruins the experience dealing with this
Sarky in MA April 30, 2013 December 13, 2012
Carlos Torano Signature Torpedo
"Solid maduro at a great price!"
I've been smoking cigars for years now and the Torano signature was one of the first that I tried. I moved away from them for awhile and just purchased a couple of boxes recently. Wow, no regrets, construction of these stogs is just how I remembered them: top drawer, ash is silky smooth and that rich and smooth maduro flavor is mouth watering with a nice single malt on the rocks.....hmmmm!
John in Edmonton December 9, 2012
Carlos Torano Signature Robusto
"Will the real Carlos Torano please stand up?"
I had a CT signature once and loved it so when I saw them being sold by Famous I was stoked. A few things gave me caution though. One, they were super cheap at half the box price of other online retailers. Two, they came in a narrow tall dark box instead of the flat wide boxes I see elsewhere, and third, they weren't wrapped in cedar as I had seen before. I threw caution to the wind and got two boxes - what a mistake! They reeked heavily of wood stain and varnish which covered the box. That's enough to destroy the flavor of a cigar. I let them sit in my humidor for a while and it didn't help, flavorless. I can only conclude that these are counterfeits, or Torano outsourced the boxing.
JD in Palmdale, Ca October 31, 2012
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