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Carlos Torano Vueltabajo Reviews

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Vueltabajo Robusto
"Save Your Money"
I won these in a auction. This cigar is lghtly constructed, very mild and does not offer much flavor. I am not impressed and will not be making a second purchase.
Dan in Georgia September 10, 2012
Vueltabajo Robusto
"Maybe it's just us"
Me and my father both tried these after about a month and a half of settling in my humi, they were bland and had the lightest flavor i have ever experienced out of a cigar. We both put them out about half of the way through which never happens with cigars. If your a fan of a decent amount of flavor in your cigars this might not be for you, the body was also the lightest i have ever encountered. This cigar just did nothing for either of us.
Danny in Flagstaff, AZ August 23, 2012
Vueltabajo Robusto
"Great smoke!"
I picked these up for $7.95/5 pack, which after smoking them I feel like I stole them! What fantastic smokes. The wrapper is a beautiful cinnamon color, smooth and perfectly constructed. The burn was nice and even (on a windy night no less), loooong white ash with generous smoke on every puff. Easy draw after punched. This is a medium strength cigar, bordering on mild but with enough oompf to let you know it's there. I noted a light creamy taste in the first 1/3, with a hint of pepper. 2/3 develops smoothly into tastes of cedar and spice, and the last 1/3 finishes very cleanly with light leather and cedar. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and would highly recommend it, even at $4 per stick I'd buy it again!
Mike in IL July 20, 2012
Vueltabajo Robusto
"nice way to end the day"
won a five pack on an auction and really enjoyed the new stick. It had it's issues, with a loose wrapper and the draw wasn't as easy as I prefer, but overall a pretty good smoke. The loose wrapper didn't affect the burn and the taste was above average.
Dewayne in Arkansas December 14, 2011
Vueltabajo Test Flight
"bad off the truck"
Just let them sit for a long while(6 mos). and they will mellow out into a smooth full flavored tobacco cigar. the construction is very good so they burn well and stays firm.
david in arizona November 11, 2011
Vueltabajo Lonsdale
"better than I expected"
the first few I smoked I just didnt like much but needed to get rid of them so through the months smoked a couple each month or so. Then I just stopped smokeing them altogether for a few months before trying again only to be so pleasantly surprised to totally enjoy the whole cigar and now look foreward to lighting one up, so give them some ageing time at the bottom of the humi or you too may be dis-appointed in some of the cigars
david in arizona October 23, 2011
Vueltabajo Robusto 5 Pack
"Dang Fine Smoke"
Started off a lil strong but quickly mellowed into a thick, tasty smoke with toasty, earthy tones and hints of roasted nuts and coffee. The burn and draw were near perfect from start to finish. I will definitely buy more!
Dwayne in Rockmart GA February 22, 2011
Vueltabajo Churchill
"Not bad, not great either"
Good flavor, but a tight draw, not much smoke, and hard to keep lit. Sure the price is good, but there are better choices, such as Siboney Reserve.
Brian in Camarillo, CA August 16, 2010
Vueltabajo Toro
"Vueltabajo is a fine smoke"
Vueltabajo is one of my favorites. Flavorful and smooth. Occasionally they start out with a tight draw, and then open up less than an inch in. As a comparison, my other smokes are Fuente Hemingway, Licenciados, and Beck. I highly recommend Vueltabajo.
Michael Mastro in The Beautiful South June 20, 2010
Vueltabajo Robusto
"Better Than Before!!!!!!!!!!"
I enjoyed the old blend and I have to say that these are WAY better than before. They are an outsanding flavor and look great. For my pallet they are medium to full and very rich. Way to go Mr. Torano!! These are winners and I will be getting more. Bill.
Bill in Boston June 17, 2010
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