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Casa Magna Colorado Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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Casa Magna Colorado Recommendation Definite buy - very enjoyable stick! Flavor Toasted tobacco, oak, dry grass, faint sweetness, some spiciness? nice complexity Value Very good band for the buck Comments Clipped with XIKAR X8. Smoked on March 28, 2014, warm but muggy day, raining off and on. After one inch paired with Malibu Rum and Diet Pepsi. Pre-light %26 First Draw Nose: Barnyard and caramel Pre-light draw: Faint sweetness of graham cracker The Smoke First Third: Started at 3:28pm. Smoke is immediately fully, slightly creamy. Toasty with very slight sweetness. Draws very cool. The aroma is toasted tobacco with a little bit of dry grass. Burnline is very even. Very find white ash, tight grain. Draw continues to be perfect. Burn continues to be very good. Medium quantities of smoke, no harshness. Ash fell off after 37 minutes with an inch and a quarter. Oak taste coming up. Pleasant dryness on the palate, no after taste, clears nicely. Second Third: Starting at 4:12pm very good smoke output. Burnline still quite good. Very woody aroma now. Sadly had to put out after 1 hour and 13 minutes due to lack of time. Last Third: Had to put down to leave for an appointment!!! Hated that. Will definitely be buying more in the future. Appearance/Presentation Cigar: Invisible seams, minor veins, cap visible but quite good. Slight oily sheen to the wrapper. Band: Very, very pretty gold, black, with small amount of red, classic style. Rating 92 Origin ? Nicaragua Format ? torpedo belicoso Size ? 6.25 X 56 measured 6.25 x 52 advertised Wrapper ? Nicaraguan Binder ? Nicaraguan Filler ? Nicaraguan Strength ? Med/Full
Jack in Dallas, TX March 29, 2014
"Excellent cigar for a working man's price"
This is an excellent cigar!!!! It was rated one of the best in 2008. It is still very consistent and as good as any 20.00 cigar you can find! It is my favorite because of the value and taste!
Woodman108 in Orlando September 13, 2012
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