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Casa Magna Colorado Gran Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Colorado Magna-ificent!"
Received the Casa Magna Colorado Gran Toro as part of the cigar club offering for April. Being already a lover of Nicaraguan cigars, I eagerly fired this one up for an evening's fare. The expected earthy, spicy, black-peppered tones are all here. This big stick gives out great clouds of chewy smoke in a smooth medium to full body format. A little pricier than some, it ranks right up with the best Nic puros for satisfying taste. Construction also is excellent. I'd like to try some more conventional sizes in this blend (corona, robusto, churchill) because this Gran Toro is HUGE, at least ninety minutes, more time than I can afford, even for a great smoke.
brewster in los angeles, california April 1, 2011
One of the best non cuban cigars I've smoked.
Ron in Stuart Fl. December 22, 2010
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