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Casa Magna Oscuro Reviews

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Casa Magna Oscuro Churchill Gordo
I had previously reviewed these cigars as great but having serious draw problems. I based that review on two 5 packs I had ordered. I contacted SAG Imports and expressed my gripe and they promptly issued me 10 replacements that did not have any draw problems at all. I have since purchased boxes of the Churchill and the Toro and all have proved superb smokes.
Craig in Minnesota September 3, 2013
Casa Magna Oscuro Churchill Gordo
"Draw problems"
Too tight, poor draw. When you get a good one these cigars are excellent. However, there seems to be some quality control issues since about half of the ones I have smoke are rolled so tight it is like trying to suck concrete through a straw to get a good draw. Hope they get it sorted out.
Craig in Minnesota April 27, 2013
Casa Magna Oscuro No. 4
Glad I only purchased 1.
mike in orange county March 1, 2013
Casa Magna Oscuro No. 4
"Just like the Toro but perfect draw"
Smoked a large size Oscuro, maybe the Toro, from a local smoke shop...and found the flavor to be in the 95's but the draw was terrible. I wont try another one of those, but the flavor got my attention, no doubt. Saw the No 4 on cigarmonster and thought the smaller profile might draw better and have the same flavor. And i was Right! This is a very good small cigar. I did let them rest for 2 weeks in a well seasoned humidor which is critical to any smoke ordered online.
DB in PA July 27, 2012
Casa Magna Oscuro Churchill Gordo
"Very good cigar"
Very good cigar! Not over powering compared to some full flavored cigars. Some uneven burn, but VERY enjoyable. Will definately smoke again & highly recommend it. A five pack is worth the cost.
Cary February 4, 2012
Casa Magna Oscuro Churchill Gordo
"Taste is incredible, a favorite brand, tight"
You can see that my scores are high across the board except for draw. I am really picky about draw. curious what others think. having said that i still give a thumbs up because the taste, when you are able to pull it out, is excellent. i would recommend but know that you will fight with the draw. for incredible taste and excellent draw go with the colorado robusto line. Now THAT is an incrdible smoke!
Jeff in Los Angeles February 1, 2012
Casa Magna Oscuro No. 4
"Nice cigar"
Couldn't find the Colorados on this sight so I nabbed a couple of these. The were pretty tasty. I didn't like them as much as the Colorados but still pretty good.
Jeff in Los Angeles February 1, 2012 July 30, 2011
Casa Magna Oscuro Belicoso
"Book buy its cover"
I had the Colorado, and the notes were not for my pallet. So a friend said the Oscuro lacked compared to the Colorado. I ASS-u-me-d it would be like the diet version of the Colorado...WRONG! I like this. Give it a try! it is mild to med but TASTY!
Chaz in Los Angeles July 17, 2011
Casa Magna Oscuro Toro
"An excellent smoke"
Take a moment to savor the prelight aroma. Sweet, and as other reviewers have mentioned, chocolate. I found the cigar surprisingly light bodied given its impecable maduro oscuro wrapper. The flavors were sweet and creamy with hints of chacolate and fruit throughout. I enjoyed it with a slightly sweetened latte and found they paired well.
Mark in Ottawa, Canada July 6, 2011
Casa Magna Oscuro Churchill Gordo
"Holy Cow!!"
This is one of those cigars that makes you wonder why you smoke anything else. Flavor - chocolate, leather, T-bone you name it this cigar will provide the taste you want. Now I know why Famous is sold out of so many sizes. Treat yourself and get a 5ver. Cheers jja
Jim A in Madison WI May 11, 2011
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