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Casa Torano Churchill Reviews [view details]

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Excellent flavor if you like milder cigars, kind of woody with a perfect "crispness" to it. Definitely one of my favorites.
Brandon in Michigan February 22, 2011
""Not Happy""
I thought this would be a mild cigar, I like maduros and full bodied cigars. I had a party and bought this for my beginner friends, all of them were "Not Happy" with the bitterness and acid taste that were produced from this cigar. I have smoked many other Toranos however, this one did not go over well with my guests.
Darren in Miami February 13, 2009
"Great mild smoke, flavor is same across sizes"
I am digging this line from Torano, and highly recommend both Churchill and Robusto, although this is a quicker burning cigar, so if you are looking to really savor it, the churchill is the way to go. Given the lower price of this cigar, it doesn't even have to be a special occasion cigar, and if you are looking for a cigar that has a mild flavor and doesn't leave a smoky after-taste, this is the cigar for you. It is similar to the Nub Connecticut, though in regular shapes and sizes. I recommend both thoroughly.
Robert in Mesa, AZ January 6, 2009
"Oh Yeah!"
I lucked out and got on to these through a FSS sampler. Most of the sampler stogies are forgetable, not so this one. I don't know if this is 'the Torano's private cigar', but it should be. Give them 4 to 6 weeks of aging in the wrapped box (humidification device in the box)or humidor and try one of these smooth cigars in the morning then try to think of a reason to skip work so you can have another. Smooth draw, wonderful taste, uniform burn, stays lit. You might find one bad one in a box. Try the FSS Robusto 5 pack for an inexpensive test. Buy a box and take advantage of FSS's Torano sampler offer.
Northcoast Wino in Lorain, OH February 15, 2007
"very nice..."
...i particularly liked the smell of this cigar pre-lit, i also loved the flavor. the 2nd one i own doesn't look quite as nice as the first, so i will let it sit in the humidor for a bit
mikey in FL February 13, 2006
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