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Casa Torano Reviews

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Casa Torano Toro 5 Pack
I am very impressed! A very nice after work cigar. From start to finish, a mild, smooth, and very well constructed cigar. Great draw and good ash. This will be a regular in the humidor.
Jim in Minnesota July 14, 2011
Casa Torano Churchill
Excellent flavor if you like milder cigars, kind of woody with a perfect "crispness" to it. Definitely one of my favorites.
Brandon in Michigan February 22, 2011
Casa Torano Robusto
"Great mellow cigar with a nice kick"
Great cigar with a vinilla flavor in the wrapper with a strong powerful smoke. Only have had one so far, but it burns well, but a little fast for the size. Seems like a perfect cigar for a smoker that likes a strong cigar most of the time, but likes something a little mellower now and then, or when playing golf etc. Will order again.
Kevin in Seattle August 2, 2010
Casa Torano Robusto
"Great smoke."
I've gone through 4 of these now, and they've been consistently great. Best burn of any cigar I've ever had, good draw. Very mild, but a great flavor. Again, if you want something really full-bodied, don't get this, but it's fantastic when you're in the mood for something mild. I particularly enjoy it with a vanilla or chocolate flavored beverage; try putting something in your coffee. Pairs really wel.
Joe in Chicago May 22, 2010
Casa Torano Lancero
"very pleasant"
Lots of smoke output, very even burn, no babysitting required, can set it down for at least 2 minutes at a time, come back to it and it's still going producing lots of smoke. Almost a 50 minute smoke. Very low maintenance and well behaved stick.
Gary in Capitola, California February 16, 2010
Casa Torano Lancero
"Molasses, molasses, molasses, ..."
It was so pretty, I didn't know whether to smoke it or have it framed. Just a fantastic cigar. After smoking a whopping TWO of them, rating consistency is not such a milestone. They were both pretty much the same. The pigtail head is so little and cute. I snipped it off anyway. The wrapper is so shiny it almost sparkles. Medium-bodied, earthy and sweet, molasses-like even. Draw and burn: easy and even. Cool, thick, abundant smoke. A slightest hint of wood on the finish. About a forty-five-minute smoke.
Len in Carolina September 29, 2009
Casa Torano Robusto
"an OK cigar"
So these are mild, with a moderate aroma and a good taste. They are a bit 'wet' and chewey. I thought that it was because they were new, but just smoked another that had been in the humidor for months and it was the same - an ok cigar for the price. May become better with time as they set in the humidor.
cjb in vermont July 12, 2009
Casa Torano Churchill
""Not Happy""
I thought this would be a mild cigar, I like maduros and full bodied cigars. I had a party and bought this for my beginner friends, all of them were "Not Happy" with the bitterness and acid taste that were produced from this cigar. I have smoked many other Toranos however, this one did not go over well with my guests.
Darren in Miami February 13, 2009
Casa Torano Churchill
"Great mild smoke, flavor is same across sizes"
I am digging this line from Torano, and highly recommend both Churchill and Robusto, although this is a quicker burning cigar, so if you are looking to really savor it, the churchill is the way to go. Given the lower price of this cigar, it doesn't even have to be a special occasion cigar, and if you are looking for a cigar that has a mild flavor and doesn't leave a smoky after-taste, this is the cigar for you. It is similar to the Nub Connecticut, though in regular shapes and sizes. I recommend both thoroughly.
Robert in Mesa, AZ January 6, 2009
Casa Torano Torpedo
"Smooth & Lucious"
Unwrapping this cigar, I was impressed by the size of this torpedo and how good it looked. Perfect in every way. The taste was delicious and consistent throughout from start to finish. The draw was perfect. My one complaint is that I found it to burn a bit too hot, even though I smoke my cigars slowly. I can well understand how these cigars are the "house smoke" for the Toranos. A very nice cigar and a great step up from the mild cigar both in flavor and complexity, yet never overwhelming.
ROTHNH in Midcoast Maine September 25, 2008
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