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Casa Torano Reviews

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Casa Torano Robusto
"A smooth cigar with a great taste"
After smoking a sample cigar i bought a case. One of my favorite cigars
Daniel in Maryland August 8, 2008
Casa Torano Torpedo
"Best Bargain"
Casa torano torpedo is a major step up from any bundle cigar, and remains the best value I've found. Both the natural wrapper and the maduro version burn cool, evenly, smell great. My everyday cigar, at less than $4 per a very affordable luxury.
Big Ditch in Maryland February 4, 2008
Casa Torano Robusto
"I wish I could smoke these"
I bought a 5 pack of these to try. They look, smell, and taste great. The problem is the draw on 3 of the 5 was like a brick. I worked so hard to smoke them it wasnt a very enjoyable smoke. By the time i was finished my jaw hurt. If they rolled them a little less tight I would buy more, as it is i like the torpedo version much better.
Reg in Florida November 27, 2007
Casa Torano Torpedo
"What a great Cigar"
I was really surprised by this baby. I usually like the CAO cigars, but got this one on sale. Its taste is almost as good as the CAO, but the price makes it a better cigar. I will definitely be getting more.
Reg in Florida October 13, 2007
Casa Torano Torpedo
"A classic Torano"
This is a cigar you have to slow down and enjoy from the moment you lite the end you get a smooth flow of flavor from toast to roasted nuts.It gets a bit more complex as it warms up giving such flavors as almond and a nice woody finish.truly a classic Torano.
Charles Autrey in AL August 27, 2007
Casa Torano Robusto
"Mild but rich and delicous"
Mild but very satisfying. Rich, toasty, nutty, cocoa, then developed leather, cinnamon. Delicious. Well constructed.
Hunt in Kensington, MD July 11, 2007
Casa Torano Churchill
"Oh Yeah!"
I lucked out and got on to these through a FSS sampler. Most of the sampler stogies are forgetable, not so this one. I don't know if this is 'the Torano's private cigar', but it should be. Give them 4 to 6 weeks of aging in the wrapped box (humidification device in the box)or humidor and try one of these smooth cigars in the morning then try to think of a reason to skip work so you can have another. Smooth draw, wonderful taste, uniform burn, stays lit. You might find one bad one in a box. Try the FSS Robusto 5 pack for an inexpensive test. Buy a box and take advantage of FSS's Torano sampler offer.
Northcoast Wino in Lorain, OH February 15, 2007
Casa Torano Robusto
"Sometimes a cigar is... more than a cigar..."
A really smooth and mellow robusto that goes the distance - a 30 min smoke that is, for the price, unparalleled in taste, smell, and draw.
Mathew T in Raleigh, North Carolina October 29, 2006
Casa Torano Toro
"One of my FLAVORITE smokes"
The first time I tried this cigar I knew I had to have mooooore.....
Clarence in Atlanta October 6, 2006
Casa Torano Robusto
"Smooth as silk"
Toranos were some of the first cigars I smoked back in the eighties and I enjoy them as much today as I did then. The Casa Torano Robusto is a great, mild everyday smoke. It is definitely worth your attention.
Managuamark in San Antonio September 6, 2006
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