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"Follow Up"
I received a box for free a little after Thanksgiving 2013, and since then, I have attempted to smoke four of them. And when I say attempted, it s because one of them was so poorly constructed, the broadleaf had cracked in four places. Every one of them cracked at some point during the smoke. Either around the label or the cap especially. If these were not torpedo, they may have fared better. The burn also one sided often on them. Half of them fixed, the others required a bit of work. And some of them seemed to clog halfway through as well, but they all eased out after. The taste is still incredible, though. It s not top notch premium, but it s something you can hand out to a friend. That is, if you don t mind the occasional flaw.
Brandon in La Grange Park, IL April 17, 2014
"A Joker Indeed"
I received a box of these free with a purchase. I was hesitant since they are from Swisher, but I was pleasantly surprised. The wrapper is very soft, almost velvety. It was fairly well constructed, and had no flaws in it. The draw was a little tight, but that s to be expected in a torpedo. The taste went from spice, to a fruity, almost peachy taste, to a buttery taste not unlike a Montecristo Silver. However, it burned pretty badly. It one sided several times to where I had to even it out. But, all in all, a very decent cigar.
Brandon Krukowski in La Grange Park, IL December 3, 2013
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Amilcar Perez Castro
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